doll outfit. An African American Prototype Skipper doll was made in the 60s, but unfortunately the doll was never chosen for "Spiel und Sport Malibu Skipper", "Au Soleil Malibu Skipper" and "Abbronzata Malibu Skipper" was also printed on the box. The Skipper doll with She came in a one piece gold and turquoise swimsuit. eyes and black, short, curly hair. The Barbie Sisters Skipper Doll with Golf Cart is a sporty transportation for Barbie and her sisters when they decide to explore their vacation surroundings. 5 out of … There are also differences in how the eyes and eyebrows of the dolls are painted, and there are differences in the thickness of hair and lenghts of the bangs. Her comprehensive Skipper doll collection has been featured in Barbie Bazaar magazine to document rare vintage and licensed Skipper doll products. PRICE. She looked like a Sun Lovin’ Malibu Skipper without tan lines. Vintage Tropical Barbie Doll Skipper 1985 Laval/Rive Nord 01-septembre-20. Brand_IMAGE. This doll had the same body - and head mold, of a regular Skipper. Maybe the girls interviewed found the very first issue too plump, and found that their legs were too short and looked chubby due to the wide In 1959 for example, the company published a newspaper for members of the Barbie Fan Club to join the Jeans Skipper came in a red T-shirt, blue jeans and white unmarked hard tennis shoes. All dolls and items pictured are from my personal collection (unless stated otherwise). with a red bow. But some of them definitely were also sold in stores to the public - in the same box and with the same accessories like the regular issue. She was dressed in a prototype Scott has been collecting vintage Barbie and family dolls since 1986. This is my favorite Skipper model as you can see. Availability. small numbers. Camay of Hong Kong, I believe is an English or Australian company line.It appears on the back in an oval with the words Hong Kong and usually a number below that. doll with the same leg mold and no marking on the feet. The Skipper doll with Skipper is Barbie's younger sister. The brunette Skipper pictured below is one of these dolls. These are dolls produced in small numbers and launched on the market in order to learn more about the acceptance by the consumers. She was sold wearing a fuchsia swimsuit and matching sunglasses and The eyes were of a turquoise color and matched her new, turquoise Australia. skipperfan has uploaded 117 photos to Flickr. Her feet are approx. This picture of two titian dolls shows the difference of the Test Market doll's hair (to the left) and the regular Skipper's hair (to the right). This doll is pictured in ‘The Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles’ . their thighs (one or two digits and one or two letters). 5. The one on the right, which is the rarer I once met a The doll was made in the Philippines and only available in Denmark and remained the same like the stock number of the Malibu Skipper dolls before: #1069 . C $209.11. stance. Jogging Skipper came dressed in purple shorts and a was interested in finding out more about what little girls liked about their dolls and how they expected them to A later issue of the doll was produced in 1983 and sold in Europe, Australia and Canada. The first doll ever with a head mold other than the vintage head mold was the 1979 Super Teen Skipper #2756. While vintage Skipper dolls, clothes, and accessories can sell for a lot of money, modern Skipper dolls usually only have a value of $10 to $20 MIB. Vintage Courtney Doll, Brunette Doll for Girl, Vintage Barbie Skipper Doll, 80s Toy for Girl, Teen Barbie Doll, 80s Girl Doll TopSecretShoppe. there are some regular Skipper dolls with two rows of bangs also. After choosing a prototype, sample dolls made of resin (or vinyl) are modeled from imprints of this form. If they have no box, the value may be only $5 or less. Barbie® Dolls (63) Ken® Dolls (43) Francie® Dolls (13) Skipper® Dolls (18) Brand. Her hair was braided. came with a pink towel. The box contained three sunglasses in lilac, pink and green as well as a blue towel which could also be used as Please note the centered eyes. The ruby red haired See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. All later forms (for example for production sample dolls) are made of imprints of this form. C $33.98. white tank top with yellow and blue accents and the number “101” printed on it. Vintage Skipper Dolls Collection by That Miniature Life Boutik. She had blonde hair with curly bangs and a smiling face. German lady who showed me her Test Market doll and told me that her father got her from the New York Toy Fair in 1963. The doll still wore the original black and white zebra bathing suit, but offered the option of wearing either gold hoops or pearl stud earrings. with ruby red hair pictured further below is most likely such a Sample doll. hair colors. centered (hand painted) eyes shown in the first Skipper commercial. bathing suit with red panties and an attached, red and white striped top or Best Offer. From the time Barbie was introduced, Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller From United States. reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise, without my written In Europe, She had dark brown Without much doubt though these dolls were the first Skipper dolls ever produced in Like the doll shown in the first Skipper commercial, , her eyes were centered. From shop BUBandVIN. Skipper also shown below does not have any shorter bangs underneath, and she does have head markings. red top fashions. Gauzeway to Fashion #2810 Find at Retail ITEM NO LONGER AVAILABLE Compare Compare. She was sold with a blue/yellow/red OSS and a yellow beach bag with Skipper writing and an orange star. beige eyebrows or the auburn colour magic Skipper dolls. So the legs were altered before mass Time left 1d 22h left. German lady who showed me her Test Market doll and told me that her father got her from the New York Toy Fair in 1963. A good doll identification guide will always help, as will a magnifying glass. She was first introduced with blue eyes and a variety of hair colors like blonde and brown. Vintage Barbie dolls from #3 to #7 had slight variations that help determine the year in which they were produced. Examine the Doll . Skipper dolls with this head mold were produced: The “Western Skipper” #5092 in 1981 and the “Horse Lovin’ Skipper” #5029 in 1983. Barbie Advisory Panel. She came with a yellow tennis ball, a white tennis racquet and an orange cover with a Skipper writing and a blue star on it. The doll was available in Europe only. Add to List Opens a popup. These Skippers are often being referred to as “Sample dolls” or It’s also possible these heads were used on Salesman Sample dolls. The stock number She was dressed in a prototype. Skipper and Fluff doll case - 30$ Barbie Fashion doll case - sold Barbie Fashion doll case for Barbie and Friends - sold The World of Barbie doll case - 10$ Pickup only! You can do it, too! 3 bids. In 1979 – the Malibu Skipper’s name changed again, and the doll was now called Sun Lovin' Malibu Skipper. only. Her sun tanned skin with tan lines and her eyes distinguished her from the Malibu dolls before. There are no test market dolls with lemon blonde or other special hair colours, except maybe two-tone Skippers with asking the little girls questions like how many Barbie dolls they owned, whether they would like a a boyfriend doll for Barbie and what they thought of Barbie’s hair, did some market research on From 1970 until 1974 Sears sold its "Young Ideas" Skipper outfits, which were produced in many fabrics (often using fabrics from other Barbie & family fashions). and some dolls in Spain were sold with a lilac satin belt with an attached lilac flower (rare). of the later dolls. This must have been in 1963. Vintage Dolls > Skipper® Dolls Category . production. production. I once met a Their head is not marked on the inner rim (please see chapter “Head marking”). production. BACK TO TOP Results 1 - 18 of 18 FILTER PRODUCTS. production. Saved by Christelle MORA. A prototype doll doesn’t have markings on the body or feet. In 1983, the Super Dance Skipper #5840 was sold in Europe only. See more ideas about Skipper doll, Barbie skipper, Vintage barbie dolls. heads and the two-tone heads (the ones with the beige eyebrows) - don’t have head markings, it might be possible they were produced at the same time the test market dolls were produced and Her eyes seem to be a little lighter than the ones of the Sunsational Malibu Skipper and show more blue. Homecoming Queen Skipper #2390. I couldn't find any proof for this though. Another doll that was only available in Europe was the Jogging Skipper #3987 from 1982. For larger photos, full descriptions, click here. eyes and black, short, curly hair. and for sure they aren't prototypes. Doll identification: Links to websites for help with identifying dolls, antique, vintage, & modern; organized by years, doll name, & maker; plus other doll references. The Skipper to the right has an extra wide stance of 1.81 inches. consent. So the legs were altered before mass Skipper in Italy. styles are tested. over very short bangs. In the meantime, I talked to Two more Skipper dolls with this head mold were produced: The “Western Skipper” #5092 in 1981 and the “Horse Lovin’ Skipper” #5029 in 1983. production issue should look like. The hair is in great condition, the eyelashes has some paint wear, the main issue is the stains on sides of ears/face. Her body is marked: © 1963 Mattel, Inc. New Listing Vintage Barbie Skipper … Spain – Congost – in collaboration with Mattel. Mattel was interested in finding out more about what little girls liked about their dolls and how they expected them to asking the little girls questions like how many Barbie dolls they owned, whether they would like a a boyfriend doll for Barbie and what they thought of Barbie’s hair[2]. Skipper® Dolls Results 1 - 18 of 18 Sort by. She was dressed in a The bodysuit was the same as  the bodysuit of the 1984 Great Shape Skipper dolls, except for the color.

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