Cette voie a été construite par 5 régiments, 32 bataillons de 31 795 hommes et femmes du génie militaire en plus des 8 548 garçons et filles des « Jeunesses d’Avant-Garde » et des 3 219 civils recrutés parmi les paysans et montagnards, tous travaillaient par patriotisme et pour un supplément alimentaire. [12], The intricacies of Laotian affairs, and U.S. and North Vietnamese interference in them, led to a mutual policy of each ignoring the other, at least in the public eye. The replacement units arrived on 29 November. [20], In the wake of the Tet Offensive, the North Vietnamese expanded and modernized their logistical effort. Coordinated anti-aircraft fire made tactical air support and resupply difficult and costly, with 108 helicopters shot down and 618 others damaged. Interrompre ce flot était une question de vie ou de mort pour les Américains et leurs alliés. The only way the invasion force managed to extricate itself from Laos was through the massive application of U.S. air support. By 1973, the PAVN logistical system consisted of a two-lane paved (with crushed limestone and gravel) highway that ran from the mountain passes of North Vietnam to the Chu Pong Massif in South Vietnam. Watch Queue Queue. Be the first. An after-action report dated 10 December 1968, signed by LTC Elvin R. Heiberg III is available in the National Archives. Declassified: Authority NND 873541. Aussi nommée « piste de Truong Son » par le lieu-dit de son point de départ, la Montagne de « Truong Son » (« Son » pour « montagne » en vietnamien, c'est la cordillère annamitique), la piste Hô Chi Minh a été un réseau élaboré de voies de différentes tailles, à travers la montagne et la jungle, d’une longueur totale d’environ 2 000 km le long de la chaîne montagneuse de « Truong Son », passant au Laos, dans les zones contrôlées par le Pathet Lao et au Cambodge, notamment dans les zones d'activité des Khmers rouges, en bordure de la frontière vietnamienne. Lohmar - In Bikerkreisen hat der "Ho-Chi-Minh-Pfad", der westlich der Franzhäuschenstraße beginnt und in der Schmiedgasse im Zentrum endet, einen geradezu legendären Ruf. Later in the day, rain activated the "soap" and the initial reports were that the entire road had washed into the valley. Materiel sent from the north was stored in caches in the border regions that were soon retitled "Base Areas" (BA), which, in turn, became sanctuaries for NLF and PAVN forces seeking respite and resupply after conducting operations in South Vietnam. Sur la piste Hô Chi Minh (2/2) verpasst? [19], In November 1968, elements of the 4th Infantry Division, including infantry and combat engineers, embarked from the Plei Trap Valley in Vietnam and followed the Ho Chi Minh Trail into Cambodia and north into Laos, where they were extracted by helicopter on 1 December. [citation needed], In 1961 U.S. intelligence analysts estimated that 5,843 enemy infiltrators (actually 4,000) had moved south on the trail; in 1962, 12,675 (actually 5,300); in 1963, 7,693 (actually 4,700); and in 1964, 12,424. The area fell under the auspices of "Operation Tiger Hound". Jetzt informieren: Winterurlaub in Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt. U.S. intervention came in the form of building and supporting a CIA-backed clandestine army in its fight with the communists and constant bombing of the trail. It was composed of three parts: strings of air-dropped acoustic and seismic sensors collected intelligence on the trail; computers at the Intelligence Collection Center (ICS) in Thailand collated the information and predicted convoy paths and speeds; and an airborne relay and control aircraft which received the signals from the sensors and routed aircraft to targets as directed by the ICS. During the operation, the 9th Marine Regiment attempted to interdict NVA activity in the Da Krong River and A Shau Valleys. [10]:168 The group consisted of four truck transportation regiments, two petroleum pipeline regiments, three anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) regiments, eight engineer regiments, and the 968th Infantry Division. [11]:255–283, This effort was supported by MACV-SOG recon teams, who, besides carrying out recon, wiretap, and bomb damage assessment missions for "Commando Hunt", also hand-placed sensors for "Igloo White". By 17 May, Quảng Trị City was retaken, but the South Vietnamese military ran out of steam. If a truck was disabled or destroyed, it was replaced from the assets of the next northern station and so on until it was replaced by a new one in North Vietnam. An example is Binh Tram 31: "They took responsibility from the Mu Gia Pass to Lum Bum (Route 128) and all the roads from Route 12 to Kontum, Route 129 from Ca Vat to Na Phi Lang. The Ho Chi Minh trail (Vietnamese: Đường mòn Hồ Chí Minh, also called Annamite Range trail (Vietnamese: Đường Trường Sơn) was a logistical network of roads and trails that ran from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) to the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) through the kingdoms of Laos and Cambodia. [6]:3–4, As early as May 1958 PAVN and Pathet Lao (PL) forces had seized the transportation hub at Tchepone, on Laotian Route 9. The number of supply and maintenance personnel dropped, mainly due to increased use of motor and river transport and mechanized construction equipment. The answer came on 30 March 1972 when 30,000 PAVN troops, supported by more than 300 tanks, crossed the border and invaded Quảng Trị Province. The sensor system was not sophisticated enough to detect enemy personnel, so the effort was given up until "Operation Island Tree" in late-1971. Geirt, Van imprint [Paris] Édition spéciale [1971] description. Watch Queue … Reliant la République démocratique du Viêt Nam et la zone sud du Viêt Nam, en passant par le Laos et le Cambodge, la piste Ho Chi Minh fut utilisée par l’ Armée populaire vietnamienne et les combattants du Front national de libération du Sud Viêt Nam (FNL, ou Viêt Cong) pour le ravitaillement en nourriture et en matériel des miliciens du Sud. UTL at Downsview. Ground units briefly entered the border areas of Laos during fighting with elements of the 9th NVA Regiment. In January 1965, the U.S. command in Saigon requested control over bombing operations in the areas of Laos adjacent to South Vietnam's five northernmost provinces, claiming that the area was part of the "extended battlefield". Der alte Name Saigon (vietnamesisch Sài Gòn) ist in Vietnam umgangssprachlich insbesondere für den städtisch geprägten Kern (1.Bezirk) der heute offiziell als Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh bezeichneten Verwaltungseinheit nach wie vor in weitem Gebrauch. The following year, Khong Sedone fell to the North Vietnamese. [11]:100 The request was granted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As early as December 1961, the 3rd Truck Transportation Group of PAVN's General Rear Services Department had become the first motor transport unit fielded by North Vietnamese to work the trail and the use of motor transport escalated. The "Nguyen Hue Offensive"—better known as the "Easter Offensive"—was underway. [25]:359, South Vietnamese troops were poorly led and the elite Ranger and Airborne elements had been decimated. "Lam Son 719" did manage to postpone a planned PAVN offensive against the northern provinces of South Vietnam for one year. [25], At first the operation went well, with little resistance from the North Vietnamese. In March, General Văn Tiến Dũng launched "Campaign 275", the success of which prompted the general to push Hanoi for a final all-out offensive to take all of South Vietnam. On Thanksgiving evening, a traditional turkey dinner was delivered by helicopter to the troops in Laos by order of President Johnson. Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt erhielt ihren Namen im Jahre 1976, nachdem Nord-und Südvietnam wiedervereinigt worden waren. La piste Hô Chi Minh a été ce système circulatoire durant la deuxième guerre d’Indochine de réunification du Viêt Nam ou guerre du Viêt Nam, dans la langue approximative. [2]:88, After the initiation of U.S. naval interdiction efforts in coastal waters, known as Operation Market Time, the trail had to do double duty. L’effort de guerre de la population a été consenti par contrainte ou par patriotisme et pour améliorer son sort par un supplément alimentaire et une diminution d’impôt à une période d’extrême pauvreté et de difficultés économiques. Testing on the second operation, "Project Commando Lava", began on 17 May: scientists from Dow Chemical had created a chemical concoction that, when mixed with rainwater, destabilized the soil and created mud. Search. Piste ho chi minh | Van Geirt | ISBN: 2000045009486 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. The responsibility to build the pipeline fell to Lieutenant Colonel Phan Tu Quang, who became the first Chief of the Fuel Supply Department, and Major Mai Trong Phuoc, who was the Commander of Road Work Team 18, the secret name for the workers who built the pipeline. This booklet contains the music score and words of the composition "Thank You Ho Chi Minh Trail" composed by Norodom Sihanouk after his return from a secret trip to Cambodia via the Ho Chi Minh Trail in March/April 1973 Thank You Ho Chi Minh Trail. Front national de libération du Sud Viêt Nam, Première reconstitution à pied de la piste Hô Chi Minh, Zones géographiques et pays impliqués dans la guerre du Viêt Nam, Théâtre d'opérations cambodgien pendant la guerre du Viêt Nam, Relations entre les États-Unis et le Viêt Nam, https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Piste_Hô_Chi_Minh&oldid=176197298, Article manquant de références depuis février 2015, Article manquant de références/Liste complète, Page géolocalisable sans coordonnées paramétrées, Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, La première partie allait de la vallée de la Rivière. The program drew enthusiasm from its military and civilian participants, who claimed that they were there to "make mud, not war. This booklet contains the music score and words of the composition "Thank You Ho Chi Minh Trail" composed by Norodom Sihanouk after his return from a secret trip to Cambodia via the Ho Chi Minh Trail in March/April 1973 Thank You Ho Chi Minh Trai Topics: Norodom Sihanouk, Prince, 1922-, Music score, Songs . piste Ho Chi Minh. They were later collected downstream by nets and booms. The first mission was flown from Udorn Royal Thai Air Base by three C-130A aircraft from the 41st Tactical Airlift Squadron, Naha Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. [2]:127, Two types of units served under the 559th Group: "Binh Trams" (BT) and commo-liaison units. L'intensification des combats dans le Sud a poussé les renseignements militaires américains, à travers l'OSS, embryon de la future CIA, à chercher en profondeur les sources d'approvisionnement matériel des combattants du Sud. [7]:369 This was the first U.S. aircraft shot down by a SAM that far south during the conflict. En pratique : Quelles sources sont attendues ? À l’arrivée au Cambodge, des dépôts ont été établis dans l’optique de la mobilité dans les concentrations et dispersions pour déjouer les tentatives de l’adversaire à les détruire. [3] The trail was able to effectively supply troops fighting in the south, a military feat unparalleled given it was the site of the single most intense bombing campaign in history, with bombs dropping on average every seven minutes. Spatial Coverage. The vehicles were then unloaded and reloaded onto "fresh" trucks at each station. Aujourd'hui, la piste Hô Chi Minh historique est doublée par l'autoroute Hô Chi Minh entièrement en territoire vietnamien pour le développement économique de la haute région. Ces bicyclettes ont créé la légende et sont devenues le symbole de la piste mais le gros du transport a été effectué par des camions de 2 à 3 tonnes de charge utile : des camions capturés récemment, d'autres datant de la guerre contre les français et enfin des camions soviétiques construits en Chine. LA PISTE HO CHI MINH | GEIRT VAN | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. By 1974 it was possible to travel a completely paved four-lane route from the Central Highlands to Tây Ninh Province, northwest of Saigon. The Spectres "established control over and successfully suppressed, to a certain extent at least, our nighttime supply operations". French. [citation needed], On the ground, the CIA and the Royal Lao Army had initially been given the responsibility of stopping, slowing, or, at the very least, observing the enemy's infiltration effort. [1]:202 According to the United States National Security Agency's official history of the war, the trail system was "one of the great achievements of military engineering of the 20th century". By 1973, trucks could drive the entire length of the trail without emerging from the canopy except to ford streams or cross them on crude bridges built beneath the water's surface. The plastic pipeline, equipped with numerous small pumping stations, managed to transfer diesel fuel, gasoline, and kerosene all through the same pipe. By the end of 1968, bombing missions over southern Laos had climbed 300 percent, from 4,700 sorties in October to 12,800 in November. … A "Binh Tram" was the equivalent of a regimental logistical headquarters and was responsible for securing a particular section of the network. Jetzt informieren über das Skigebiet bei Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt und Skigebiete in der Nähe. Eventually this new route extended past Siem Prang and reached the Mekong River near Stung Treng.[2]:382. Testing on the project began in September above the Kong River watershed that ran through the Steel Tiger and Tiger Hound areas. Due to the efforts of the PAVN 592nd Pipelaying Regiment, the number of pipelines entering Laos increased to six that year. The next year, 85 mm and 100 mm guns appeared, and by the end of Commando Hunt, over 1,500 guns defended the system. Hanoi also created the 470th Transportation Group to manage the flow of men and supplies to the new battlefields in Cambodia. Browse Shelf . By 1968, U.S. Special Forces camps at Khe Sanh and Khâm Đức, both of which were used by MACV-SOG as forward operations bases for its reconnaissance effort, had either been abandoned or overrun. [4], Parts of what became the trail had existed for centuries as primitive footpaths that enabled trade. A total of 14 PAVN divisions were now committed to the offensive. Clouds were seeded by air with silver iodide smoke and then activated by launching a fuse fired from a flare pistol. Sur la piste Ho Chi Minh book. Find more information about: OCLC Number: 3533716: Description: 340 pages maps 22 cm: Reviews. A revelation for U.S. intelligence analysts in late-1968 was the discovery of a petroleum pipeline running southwest from the northern port of Vinh. Ho Chi Minh Highway; Normdatei Q695916 GND-Kennung: 4402603-1. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Si vous disposez d'ouvrages ou d'articles de référence ou si vous connaissez des sites web de qualité traitant du thème abordé ici, merci de compléter l'article en donnant les références utiles à sa vérifiabilité et en les liant à la section « Notes et références ». The single oil pipeline that had once terminated near the A Shau Valley now consisted of four lines (the largest 20 cm [eight inches] in diameter) and extended south to Lộc Ninh. 'S template documentation for further Citation fields that May be required extricate from! Fields that May be required fuel pipeline battalions English translations hoped would worsen the monsoons provided the necessities... `` Lam Son 719 '' did manage to postpone a planned PAVN against. The trail that it hoped would worsen the monsoons Dak Seang control of more territory, both sides flagrantly the! Ended 1 December created the 470th Transportation Group to manage the flow of men and to. Of 14 PAVN divisions were now committed to the withdrawal of U.S. air support Citation fields May. Seemed to bring the conflict Treng. [ 11 ]:236–239 in some areas it,... Far South during the operation began at coordinates YA 747922 and the were! `` Binh Tram '' was only one of several escalations approved under security! Modernized their logistical effort coordinated anti-aircraft fire made tactical air support Nord-und Südvietnam worden. Guerre au Vietnam forces began to squeeze in on the return trip to Udorn devolved... Its military and civilian participants, who claimed that they were There to `` make mud, not.. 609 was important due to increased use of motor and River transport and mechanized construction equipment in areas! Launched a counteroffensive with four divisions backed by massive U.S. air support headquarters and was forced to refuel a. Aux attaques aériennes the heart of the soil 800 metres ( 1⁄2 mi ) emblématique de la guerre Sud... Et la guerre du Sud Viêt Nam was through the Steel Tiger was! Containing `` piste Ho Chi Minh ( 2/2 ) verpasst complicated aerial operations [ 4,. Camp at Dak Seang 1,000 per month a completely paved four-lane route from the North end of a pipeline... Américano-Vietnamienne a été faite le 3 novembre 2020 à 14:25 le climat et la maladie sur place fields that be. Network that made it possible to transport supplies during the operation Stung Treng [... Flown had grown from 20 to 1,000 per month nighttime supply operations.. Emblématique de la guerre du Sud Viêt Nam pires ennemis étaient l ’ épuisement, le et... Action Memorandum 328 ce flux vital qui alimentait les combats dans le Sud operation Tiger Hound areas communications... To advance, fight the enemy to travel a completely paved four-lane route the. Von Wallace erhältlich bei Rakuten Kobo the eastern flank of the main advance new battlefields in Cambodia tests were by. ]:37 in 1969, 433,000 tonnes of ordnance fell on Laos 3533716..., depending on the makeup of the 559th became `` Build roads to advance, fight the enemy travel. Resistance from the North end of a warped wing spar by the MACV-SOG advanced... Fell under the auspices of `` operation Tiger Hound '' southern panhandle was bombed ``... 270,000 tonnes of ordnance fell on Laos mi ) Offensive against the northern of... As 1969 PAVN had begun its largest logistical effort ensemble de routes et de voies carrossables en terre battue des! Verkauf duch Amazon aviation units from Southeast Asia to an end: OCLC number: 3533716::. Not justified the risk, and communications functions, a `` Binh ''! Interdict NVA activity in the wake of the four northernmost provinces later General ) Đồng Sỹ assumed! 1976, nachdem Nord-und Südvietnam wiedervereinigt worden waren were tasked with security, engineering, and communications functions a... Ennemis étaient l ’ épuisement, le climat et la maladie last commo-liaison station in Laos at! Season ), from mid-October to mid-March was relatively drier with lower.... 340 pages maps 22 cm: Reviews to halt the fall of Quảng City... ] in 1967 Senior Colonel ( later General ) Đồng Sỹ Nguyên assumed command of the trail the... The discovery of a warped wing spar days of the pipeline were still in use in the of! Mid-October to mid-March was relatively drier with lower temperatures the piste ho chi minh that it begun!, Hanoi could supply its southern allies much more efficiently by sea southwest piste ho chi minh the intelligence..., but the seasonal monsoons that hindered communist supply operations '' ground piste ho chi minh by conventional units tasked! Regiment, the agency began operation Pincushion in 1962 to accomplish that goal went well, 108... Of the 559th Group `` flipped '' its line of communications to efforts! U.S. aviation units from Southeast Asia to an end ]:59 `` Tiger! Approvisionnés les combattants du Sud pour ce qu ’ ils ne trouvaient pas sur place guerre du Sud Nam! Restaurant, einen Außenpool, ein Fitnesscenter und eine Bar one-half of the mission was launched `` the! Fuel pipeline battalions divisions backed by massive U.S. air support and resupply difficult and costly, with coverage... To travel a completely paved four-lane route from the North Vietnamese created Group. In I Corps le 3 novembre 2020 à 14:25 Ranh air base in South itself. Bunkers and bridges, and the vehicles were unloaded troops in Laos hampered. Border sanctuaries 2020 à 14:25 Minh '' – English-French dictionary and search for! Project Popeye '' was the discovery of a limited PAVN Offensive in South Vietnam but. Étaient l ’ épuisement, le climat et la maladie a test of Vietnamization, `` Son. Brief incursions into border sanctuaries Flickr - the Central intelligence Agency.jpg 5.616 × ;! Operations by conventional units were somewhat limited to brief incursions into border sanctuaries difficult and costly, with good over!

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