Concise communication has following features: It is both time-saving as well as cost-saving. “Fido chased a grasshopper” can stand alone, so it is an independent clause.]. A. Concise business writing uses clean, straightforward sentence structure to improve understanding and retention. My defaults are “Of course,” and, “To tell you the truth.” Of course, to tell you the truth, they are not necessary. Think about the emotions a reader goes through when faced with a sentence like this: That sentence is almost cruel in the amount of anxiety a reader has to suffer before getting to the good news. It avoids tautology which means repeating the same word in different words. Focus is an example of consciousness of professional as well as business communication. [“Amanita threw the ball” could stand alone as a sentence, as could “Fido fetched it.” That structure is what makes this a compound sentence.]. n business communication , the message is to be complete including all relevant data and facts for its effectiveness. Correctness means that the details of a message are accurate. Consistency is an example of conciseness of communication. The original idea is an example of conciseness of personal as well as business communication. When editing, take the rough diamond in your writing, cut out the ugly bulkiness, and give it the smooth polishing it sells. 5. 2. Continuous transparency in writing for further marketing. For example, try to avoid vague nouns such as type, thing, kind, and situation; vague adjectives such as nice, good, bad, and a lot; and vague adverbs such as really, very, and totally. What are the 7 C’s of Communication? Did I use proper grammar and punctuation? Conciseness - Conciseness means wordiness, i.e, communicating what you want to convey in least possible words without forgoing the other C's of communication. There is a prepaid envelope enclosed. Those two items are identical, except for the price tag we added. Example: Because a great many of the words in this sentence are basically unnecessary, it would really be a very good idea to edit somewhat for conciseness. There are no such questions that are easy to read, analyze, and search documents created today. After you write your first draft, take a break for at least half an hour, then come back and delete it. In written communication all the vital information is to be included otherwise it will act as a barrier and will affect the communication process. Most readers are just scheming anyway; Short paragraphs will get their attention more easily. When the passive voice is used too frequently, it can make your writing seem flat and drab. Conciseness 2 A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition, ends with a noun (called the object of ... Notice from the examples above that unnecessary prepositional phrases often require longer, unnecessary verb forms. Do you use “also” too much to show the relationship between ideas? How else would the reader see this? o Accuracy, Clarity, Conciseness, and Coherence o Audience o Verb Tense Conventions in Technical Writing o Organizing Information o Avoiding Common Style Problems in Technical Writing. Editing is less about grammar and spelling correction and less about improving communication. Active voice communicates better than passive voice. When simplifying your writing for conciseness, examine your verb usage. Choose one specific idea per article (or section) and stick to it. Small text blocks are easy to read on smaller devices. This kind of narrowing means you don’t have to say any more. You do not have the time or space to deli-dally. Be careful not to repeat yourself over and over and over. Identify and reduce prepositional phrases. Consider the following refusal of a request for a raise: In this case, the goal of using the passive voice to soften the negativity of the message has made the message sound more considerate. Why is the passive voice so hated? How to Communicate Concisely. Don’t waste time on a long contact when a short person often does (often with more precision). Therefore, the sentence should start with the important part. Clarity - Clarity implies emphasizing on a specific message or goal at a time, rather than trying to … The ‘C of Correctness’, one of six Cs which represents six (6) qualities of effective communication, calls for revision of messages, to ensure that content, mechanics, and appearance of a message are correct. Business writing uses simpler sentences to be more concise and thus less likely to be misinterpreted. NON- VERBAL COMMUNICATION:Analysing Nonverbal Communication NON- VERBAL COMMUNICATION:Environmental Factors TRAITS OF GOOD COMMUNICATORS:Careful Creation … 49. Conceptually, when you are personally invested in a topic it is extremely difficult to stay focused on the audience and what is important to them. Do I separate my thoughts into paragraphs? Or you could say, “My shoe … We’d love your input. Enter directly. Effective Technical Communication . Check the following pair sentences. However, like all industries, communication has its underlying structure, and good communicators, like experienced artists, can understand the strategies that consider effective communication. Despite this sentences being completely grammatically sound, we don’t know who lost the sale if we only read the passive sentence. End your email with the desired result at the end of your message (“I will follow this email with a phone call” or “I will discuss this further in our next meeting”). Evoke senses of taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch with your word choices. Communicating clearly is based on direct and strait forward points. For more useful information on how sentences work, and to get some practice in before you start your own writing, check out this reading on Sentence Structure. It’s not especially important for you to be able to identify them in order to be a good business writer. The second one in each pair has the quality of conciseness desirable in business communication. Have I identified myself clearly? Set limits in your paragraphs as well. Your readers will know who you are so you don’t waste their time. Practice is not perfect. Make sure you communicate on a regular basis. While our passages are bursting with every writing tactic we know, they may grow in our own minds, but they flop like bears to our readers. Clear is good; simple can be mind-numbing, so vary your sentence structures. Meaningfulness is an example of conciseness of communication. Practice makes permanent. A few encourage your writing; Pull it a lot. There’s a whole different response when the sentence tells the important news first. That said, anyone can learn the basic techniques for effective, brief communication. Business Communication Skills for Managers,,,, Do you adore the complex sentence type a little too strongly? This study will enhance your writing skills and help you compose concise messages. They have to go. The second of each pair has the desired quality of brevity in business communication. Detailing is an example of conciseness of communication. But, like all art, communication has an underlying structure, and good communicators, like experienced artists, understand the techniques that underlie effective communication. In the second example, for instance, a writer who Required fields are marked *. he passive voice can be used to “hide” who performed the action. This research suggests that between 20 and 25 words is the maximum for solid comprehension. After all, it’s been used in this paragraph already (twice now!). However, taking a moment to think about how they work and what they do will help you become  more concise and clear. The whole point of that sentence is that the company is doing well. Reserve passive verbs for the moment you need to say “no” in a message. The second sentence is abbreviated except for unnecessary words. Does the formality and style of my writing fit my audience’s expectations? Not only is it possible to read this passage without dozing off, it also gives more information by showing the relationship among the bits of information given. Who are you talking to and what should they really know? Writing cleanly and concisely doesn’t mean writing like a robot. At the heart of business is the idea that “time is money.” This may lead you to believe that shorter messages are always better; however, concise writing is not just fast or short. We attach a pre-paid postal envelope with a response letter to indicate a convenient date to appear for an interview at our company’s Project Manager position for the position at which you applied, this is in response to your application. This article, for example, started with the broad idea of ​​”how to self-edit broad”. That said, the more complex the material you are discussing, the more straightforward and clean your sentences need to be.[1]. Software for creating and editing videos has evolved to be almost as common as word processing. The pair review resource, when performed in an open, dialogue-based form, enables the most relevant characteristics in scientific communication by means of articles to be focused on: language precision, conciseness and clarity. The ‘C of Conciseness’, one of six Cs which represents the six (6) qualities of effective communication, is concerned with the application of techniques that ensures conciseness in messages. This is different from the prose of novels or the beat of poetry in which taking pleasure in the complexity of sentences is part of the experience. However, there are some instances where the passive voice is a better choice than the active. 3. We have to clear these lines of customers quickly. Conciseness, is saying what you have to say in the fewest possible words without sacrificing the other C qualities. Compound sentences consist of two (or more, but that’s tricky) independent clauses attached by a comma and a conjunction: Amanita threw the ball, and Fido fetched it. For instance, if a per-son finishes something, he/she is finishing it completely. [Even though the part of the sentence before the comma has a subject, “Amanita,” and a verb “looked,” the addition of “while” means it can’t stand on its own as a sentence. Conciseness is the extent to which a piece of writing communicates clear information in as few words as possible. You can easily say, “Attachment is D / D”. Thinking can come more naturally before you write, as you need to compose your thoughts, but many people do not bother to organize their thoughts before speaking. Concrete communication is important in both personal and professional interactions to ensure the recipient of a … Tailor both the style and content of your communication to your audience. It is common to provide too much information in case of inefficient communication. Conciseness is a necessity for effective communication. Don’t be afraid to repeat your key messages—it’s hard for people to miss a point when they’ve seen or heard it multiple times. Another tip, especially if you are involved in a conversation with several people, is to think first about what you are going to say when it is your “turn” to talk. Sometimes your writing must balance the clarity of the message with efficiency. So just what is the difference between these two voices? By setting a strong word limit you are forcing yourself to write briefly and clearly. Provide supportive ideas, but do not provide irrelevant or touching information. So this doesn't mean you cut down words to sacrifice on the content. Can I better communicate this information through letters, phone calls, or face-to-face meetings?

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