Smoked meat sandwiches weren't the only attraction at Nate's Deli. Alternatively, I examine the ethnicity and status of early twentieth century European immigrant railway workers in British Columbia by studying the men who constructed the Myra Canyon section of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) from 1910 to 1914. It didn’t go too well for McClung. Dr. French helps out an 14 year old dog with dental issues and Dr. Bryer sees a ferret that may have a serious case of the flu. 2020 Dutchmen Voltage Triton 3531, Stock #220151 CARGO: 11' Garage WEIGHT: 16,800 GVWR , 12,600 UVW , 4,140 CCC TANK SIZES 92 Gallon Fresh Water Tank, 84 Gallon Gray Water Tank, 88 Gallon Black Water Tank, 2-5 Gallon Propane Tanks, 6 Gallon Water Heater Tank, 30 Gallon Fuel Tank Caring people just like you! 1. A young Chinese worker volunteers to set a dangerous nitroglycerine charge at a CP construction site in British Columbia in the 1880s. I frequently wonder what would happen if America started regularly airing commercials about its past on national TV. Experiencing the History of the North American West through Literature NCSS—Seattle—2012 Stephen Marcotte, Beaconsfield ,QC, High School Ruth Writer, Western Michigan University Here’s Ontario’s latest vaccination — and vaccine shortage — update, ‘Efficiencies’ in health care should be a plan, not a buzzword, OPINION: Nobody’s arguing for wasteful, indulgent spending in medicine — so the Tories need a better answer for Ontario’s health-care system than “efficiencies. Historica Canada’s latest “Heritage Minute,” the series of sixty-second shorts about Canadian history, was released on June 21, this past National Aboriginal Day. Vancouver Riots: • Memorial University of Newfoundland. The government has released new information about allocation levels, public education, and next steps. Share. HISTORICA CANADA 2 CARLTON STREET, EAST MEZZANINE, TORONTO, ON, CANADA M5B 1J3. Heritage Minutes are short dramatic vignettes featuring key events in Canadian history. A young Chinese Canadian risks his life helping to build the Canadian Pacific Railway. Another user edited the video to present it as one of Canada's Heritage Minutes. In December, North Kawartha Township's only grocery store burned down — so locals stepped up. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco Mendicino discusses how Canada is dealing with newcomers during the pandemic. Weighing over 900,000 tons at maximum draft, at 124 meters wide and up to 477 meters long with equipment deployed, this steel giant is the biggest vessel on the planet. How to be Canadian Raven
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