What our people say

Current Employees

“I've been part of the SJP team since 2007 and I believe this is testament to the great atmosphere here. Recent growth has been really positive and luckily the small business feel has been maintained. Opportunities for personal development are always encouraged and it's satisfying to feel part of the business.”

Dilip Chauhan
Financial Controller
SJP Business Media

“I have recently joined the Research team here at SJP - a small but very enthusiastic and self-driven team. The fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment makes me think on my toes and adhere to tight deadlines, which has evolved my time management skills as well as enhanced my further interest in efficient data collection and transformation. One of the projects that I have recently worked on was IREU Top500 Footprint, which was launched at the InternetRetailing Expo 2015. The full IREU Top500 report is still underway and I am keen to see how it will unravel.”

Polina Modenova
Research Assistant
SJP Business Media

“Since I joined SJP Business Media in 2013, everyone has made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I joined as an apprentice and completed a 14-month Digital Marketing and Social Media qualification before SJP offered me a permanent role. I’m excited to continue learning new skills and responsibilities. Everyone is friendly, very patient and keen to help if a problem arises.”

Hannah Gowan
Digital Production Coordinator
SJP Business Media

“For the past twenty years I have thoroughly enjoyed working within the publishing industry. Having worked in both larger and smaller organisations, my experience at SJP is that the spirit within the team here rivals and frequently betters that in any of the companies I’ve worked within.

The entrepreneurial spirit and endeavour of our commercial teams is matched by the dedication and knowledge of our editorial colleagues. Recently we have seen a massive growth in headcount and have been lucky to constantly find new recruits who fit into the “SJP mould” and who have helped us develop our brands and continue to move the organisation forward.”


Justyn Gidley
Account Director, Events
SJP Business Media

SJP Alumni

“When I joined the SJP team, I was immediately struck by the welcoming attitude and outlook of my new colleagues. Whether new like me, or venerated veterans, everyone contributes to a spirit of camaraderie that fills the room, and strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and friendship. Regular lunch/after work gatherings reinforce this ethos and ensure the maintenance of a stimulating working environment.” Contact-image

Orla Cullen
Customer Service Advisor
First Mile

“I worked across all of SJP's brands, bringing together industry experts through the organisation of events. At SJP I felt part of a close-knit team working together to achieve our goals. Each day met a different challenge which kept me on my feet. During my time at SJP I saw vast changes and growth and I’m eager to see what the future holds for the company.” Contact-image

Gurpreet Chana
Marketing Assistant
CP Cases

“SJP is a great place to work. I joined when the company was in its infancy with just four employees and watched it grow to become a leading B2B media company with a portfolio of market leading titles and events. There are two things that make SJP stand out as an employer; its culture and its people. From day one I was made to feel an important part of the team, encouraged to put forward new ideas and supported to make them happen. As a progressive media business it attracts some of the best talent. Great people to both work with and learn from. I’m very proud of my time at SJP and have no doubt that the skills and experience I gained there have been instrumental in my successes since leaving. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today were it not for Chris and Wayne.”

Rob Prevett
MD and Co-founder, iDisrupted

“I worked for SJP for almost three years and in that time I learnt so much (and so fast), developed serious professional skills and experience. Plus I had so much fun. SJP balances the significant experience of a company that has been in operation for over 20 years (there was a great party for that anniversary!) with the agile, forward-thinking innovation of a start-up. Every voice is heard and every idea considered which means as a part of the team, your contributions are both welcomed and valued. Working with such a smart and creative group of people was an amazing experience and one that created a really positive foundation for the next stage in my career.”

Aaron O'Dowling-Keane
Content Marketing Manager, Spacehive