Electronics World Centenary Edition

April marks the launch of Electronics World Centenary Edition. First published as Wireless World back in April 1913, we can now claim that SJP Business media owns another 100 year old+ magazine. Electronics World is really most famous for its article from Arthur C Clarke first published in October 1945 entitled Extra Terrestrial Relays. This article was the first to suggest the use of geo-stationary satellites to assist in global communications, something that is ubiquitous today in every aspect of our lives, and has helped to shape the world we live in. There are not many magazines which can lay claim to being true technological pioneers!

Not only is the magazine 100 years old but it holds many other records also. The bumper issue is the biggest edition of the magazine SJP has ever published. It holds the record for the most advertising revenue Electronics World has ever generated in a single issue under SJP. This is a historic achievement made possible by months of planning and the combined efforts of the advertising, editorial, design and marketing team. This edition is really something to be proud of, it’s doubtful any of us will be around to celebrate 200 years of the magazine. As a time capsule, it might be worth grabbing a copy to take on Antiques Roadshow in a few years time or to pass on to your kids, you never know, it might be worth a few quid! So join us in celebrating this milestone, our first hundred years!