The king went up to the house of the LORD with all the men of Judah. Israel’s king was to be a man who would lead the nation in war: We will be like all the nations. His father had been a bad king but Josiah wanted to be good. Download story: Joash the boy king The original illustrations are the copyright of Sweet Publishing and these digitally adjusted compilations of them the copyright of FreeBibleimages. This young king worked hard to bring his people back to God. The old queen heard this and came to see what it meant. Jonathan used to tell his little boy stories of his friend David —how he killed the lion and the bear—how he played his harp and sang to King Saul—how God had chosen him to be king, and Samuel had poured the anointing oil over his head. Josiah was only eight years old when he became king. There were a few good kings of Judah, such as Asa and Jehoshaphat, and Hezekiah, and among them were two who became kings when they were very young. I have taught Bible class for more than 25 years. Bible Book List Font Size Matthew 2:16 New Century Version Update Herod Kills the Baby Boys 16 When Herod saw that the wise men had tricked him, he was furious. Simply stated: In the first printings of the 1611 KJV Bible there is a printing error, there were many printing errors throughout, but one specifically known is in the book of Ruth 3:15, "and he went into the city." This is a good bible. Joash The Boy King This week the KIDDOS will be learning about King Joash being hidden in the Temple. PDF to print for family reading. Josiah loved and obeyed God, and God blessed him.