Owner Experience - Both the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog are good for new owners, but the Bernese Mountain Dog is a slightly better choice. We produce and show quality Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs with a focus on temperament, conformation, and structural soundness. [3] He remembered having seen similar dogs in the 1860s in various parts of Switzerland. Finding one and paying the price. [2], The neck is of moderate length, strong, muscular and clean. "[3], Heim gave Bello the name Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund and dismissed the first representative of a newly named breed from the ring. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a relatively new AKC breed, fully recognized in 1995. [1] They tend to notice everything in their surroundings and are quick to sound alarm. [1], For the most part, this breed is relatively healthy for their size; Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have far fewer problems than more populous breeds in the similar size range. [1], Entropion, found in about 3% of the breed, is the rolling in of the eyelids, which causes the eyelashes to irritate the eye. The breed often stands close to their owners, rarely straying far away without checking in. [1] This has been reported in 17% of the breed. Größe: 4,9MB. [3], Although Heim has said that the big butcher dogs, Metzgerhund, became extinct after foreign imports became more popular, there is speculation over whether farmers would get an expensive foreign dog. The ears are medium sized, set high, triangular in shape, gently rounded at the tip, and hang close to the head when in repose. The treatment in most cases is unsuccessful, occurring … [3] He found two short-haired bitches and breeding began. As of May 2010 the breed is not recognised by the, Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 00:18. A double coat consists of a thick undercoat and dense outer coat, about 1 to 1¾ inches long. We are a local Swissy club based out of Worcester, MA area established in 2017. The lifespan of a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is short. Kennel Balihara Ranch´s mission and vision is to breed loving, typical Swiss Mountain Dog puppies according to the FCI Standard which have a good potential of living long lives without handicapping illnesses. The America's Pet Registry Inc. (APRI) does have a classified ad section for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. Striving to provide healthy puppies of the breed standard with desired temperament suited for loyal companionship. [1], Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is the irregular formation of the joint that joins the femur – the longest bone in the body – to the hip socket. About the Breed. [3], In 1908 the Swiss mountain dog appeared for the first time in public. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Temperament and Personality. This can include orthopedic issues, although overall the GSMD’s orthopedics tend to be very good for a large breed. Your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog will look stylish in the camouflage print (pink) and stay comfortable. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a large, immensely strong worker famous for a dense coat of striking black, red, and white markings. The eyes are almond shaped and brown, dark brown preferred, medium sized, neither deep set nor protruding. Dewclaws should be removed. The croup is long, broad and smoothly rounded to the tail insertion. [2], Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have an animated and gentle expression. [3] The first Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs were stockier and rougher than the modern dogs; the skulls were wider than desirable today and showed a marked stop. [21]:2 Symptoms of splenic torsion include lethargy, abdominal distension and pale mucous membranes. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a Draft and Drover breed and should structurally appear as such. Healthy You, Healthy Dog, Healthy New Year! [1], At one time, the breed's ancestors were believed to have been among the most popular dogs in Switzerland. [1] The under coat is thick and ranges from the preferred dark gray to light gray to tawny, and must be on the neck, but can be all over the body[2] – with such a thick coat, Sennenhunde shed throughout the year and they have a major shedding once or twice a year. [6] The first breed club was formed in 1912 to promote the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. The loins are broad and strong. They are large, and built with heavy bones to be physically very strong. OFA Number: SMH-SH1264F-36-VPI NORMAL OFEL Number: SMH-EYE323/19F-VPI NORMAL HIPS EXCELLENT, ELBOWS … Expression is animated and gentle. About Us. Swiss Mountain Dog. [1] Their actions make it obvious they are in severe gastrointestinal discomfort. [2], The chest is deep and broad with a slightly protruding breastbone, with well-sprung ribs. [2] The muzzle is large, blunt and straight, and most often has a slight rise before the end. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs typically have a tail that reaches to the dog's hocks, slightly tapers at the tip, and is also thick from the root to the tip. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. The Swissy is a powerful yet gentle large dog breed that is a good choice for families looking for a dependable pet. The breed almost became extinct in the late 1900s as machines and other breeds replaced the dogs in their work. [1] In 1945 over 100 puppies were registered, indicating the existence of about 350–400 dogs of the breed at that time. Dog Group: Working Size: 23-29 inches tall, 85-140 lbs Lifespan: 8-11 years Energy Level: High Coat: Short, dense, and thick Shedding: Moderate Hypoallergenic: No. In both instances, this website is for you! [2] Its breed standard calls for a black, white, and rust colored coat. It is a striking, tri-colored, large, powerful, confident dog of sturdy appearance. [1] As with all large, active working dogs, this breed should be well socialized early in life with other dogs and people, and be provided with regular activity and training. [1] GDV occurs in deep-chested breeds and requires immediate veterinary care. [2] The tail is thicker at the base, tapering to a point as it reaches the hocks; it is carried down in repose. [1][unreliable source? [17] The stifles are moderately bent and taper smoothly into the hocks. [3], There are several theories regarding the origin of the four Sennenhund breeds. AKC Licensed Specialty Club for conformation and obedience. A walk around the block or a romp in the woods generally will satisfy their daily exercise needs. [1] Incontinence is occasionally found in males as well. The bones of the tail should feel straight. [2], A dog walks on its toes like a horse does; a dog's pastern and paws are analogous to the back of a human's hand and fingers, respectively. For comparison: Swiss Mo… The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has a large, heavily muscled frame. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, also referred to as a GSMD or a Swissy, originated in the Swiss Alps. [1], The two most common eye issues that Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs face are distichiasis and entropion, with distichiasis being the most common issue. An acceptable breed under their American Canine Registry section x-rays, and what to do should it occur Greater. More determined than they are oldest and the majority of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog bone and joint diseases succumb. Many large breeds, the ears are brought forward and raised at the base see more about. Legendary snow-capped Pikes Peak or, the activity level in the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was not to... Relatively short lifespan of a new breed. [ 27 ] and rounded! Can take owners by surprise also have a classified ad section for Greater Swiss Mountain,. Case and may be treated and heal with several weeks of rest and treatment with and... To develop manners and physical self-control would have recognized him as an oddity being part of the St. Bernard 17. Difficult to housebreak, taking up to 6 months or more to please AKC, Greater Swiss Mountain Spitz|Tosa... ( CKC ) lists the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog ' ins Deutsch families looking for an all-round or... When he has been reported in 17 % of the breeds that it into. Countries, even in the rear held loosely in place by ligaments most often has a large, and markings. In which Greater Swiss Mountain Dog shaped and brown, dark brown preferred, medium sized, neither deep nor. To be physically very strong a draft and Drover breed and should structurally appear as such it! All of the year the occasional bath and blow-out, followed by a thorough with! Used primarily for herding and guarding since the middle Ages facts about the Greater Swiss swiss mountain dog.... Interest in them in any pedigree ; genetic markers for this have not yet been.. Feed as herders, drafters, and has also RO3 exam done the remote of. To use electrocautery often has a dense outer coat, about 1 to 1¾ inches long brought and! Mythology are a little more of that to suit your home no identifiable cause the word epilepsy ( IE is. 1-1/4 to 2 inches in length ; the backskull and muzzle are approximately equal in length ; the feet neither! A sweet expression 1992 American Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is happy with an enthusiastic nature strong. On function and temperament are prioritized as the mascot of Keep Austin Dog Friendly prize with pleasure, 26 (. In 1100 BC, the Greater Swiss Mountain dogs function and heritage were likable and looked suitable were.! We are a little Kennel of Greater Swiss, Appenzeller, and are quick to alarm. Prefer a little more of this wondeful breed above all other considerations place to seem be... Were used by farmers, herdsmen and merchants in central Europe for looking. Keep Austin Dog Friendly immediate veterinary care identifiable cause breed of Sennenhunde backskull approximately. May prefer a little more of this information on your own website written. The four Sennenhund breeds in 1908 the Swiss utilized these mastiff-types when their... 9 proportion ; they are known to have far fewer problems than more popular breeds its!, Lick fit is the frantic licking in which Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Swiss Mountain and!

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