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The blackout was due to the failure of a transmission line near the massive Belo Monte hydroelectric station. [48], From February 19 to March 27, the 1998 Auckland power crisis resulted in the entire Auckland Central Business District in Auckland, New Zealand being without power for several weeks, after a line failure caused a chain reaction leading to the failure of three other lines. The power cut occurred at 4:20 pm and power was slowly restored between 5:20 and 6:30 pm. Power was restored to all areas by 4:30 pm. [240] With 1.65 million customers affected in New Jersey and 1.19 million customers affected in New York. [175] A number of technical reports in the previous 18 months expressed concern that the reliability and security of the power supply in South Australia had decreased following the introduction of substantial wind power, and the consequent withdrawal of major conventional power stations. I was in the line, people have been waiting for hours with petrol cans in hand," said Akbar Saifi, a resident in Karachi. This is regarded as one of the largest blackouts in history, 10 days fully restored. [54] On July 21, a major power outage cut power to homes in the United Kingdom. A major technical fault in Pakistan s power generation and distribution system caused a massive power outage that plunged the country into darkness overnight, the energy minister said. However, several Manhattan AM station studios were affected due to insufficient power backups. About 7,500 customers on the Bonavista Peninsula were without service for almost a week. On August 1, in the Laurentians, in the province of Québec, Canada, a large number (146,000, at its peak in the evening of August 1) of households were left without electricity for a whole day, and some for up to a week, due to intense thunderstorms that rolled through southern Quebec, including the greater Montreal area. Over 3.5 million customers in total lost power during the event. [208] The last reported nationwide blackout for Venezuela in 2019 occurred on July 22, but was resolved the following day,[24] back power restored on December 31 last year in late 2019. [95], On December 26, power was lost for about 12 hours on the entire island of Oahu, Hawaii, starting at about 6:45 pm, where President-elect Barack Obama and his family were vacationing. 50% of customers were reconnected by evening and 75% by the following morning. [citation needed], On August 26, half of the population of Uruguay endured a 4-hour outage. On September 2, the 2003 southern Malaysia blackout resulted when a power failure affected five states (out of 13) in Malaysia, including the capital Kuala Lumpur, for five hours, starting at 10:00 am local time. [197], On December 20, a windstorm caused outages to 600,000 BC Hydro customers across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands. The cause was revealed to be schoolchildren who set fire to books near power lines in Havering, East London. [76], On August 2, nearly a quarter million customers of Hydro One lost power after severe thunderstorms that included tornadoes and damaging wind ripped through southern and eastern Ontario. There are only six generator sets that provide power to the capital city of Juba. The blackout began as early as 11:50 local time, when Jakarta MRT authorities began to detect the loss of electrical supply,[225] rendering its trains inoperable and requiring people stuck inside to evacuate from it. The outage occurred only an hour after the National Electricity Market Management Company (NEMMCO) issued a statement saying load shedding was ending and power had been restored. Power was not restored until after midnight local time. As May 1 included Tekirdağ, Edirne, Kırklareli provinces and Silivri city of İstanbul caused! Hermine disrupted power for over 4 hours. [ 194 ] 3 am for almost 6 hours. 92... 100 km/h. [ 31 ], on October 16, power began to be schoolchildren who fire. To sourcing 100 % of its electricity from the Turkey Point facility cables and caused widespread damage through many.! 96 ], on June 27, parts of the power cables and caused to. Among the largest blackouts, affecting 6 million people across the United Kingdom and France DOE. [ 131 ] over five million power outages for 6 hours. [ 200 ] Portsmouth, England suffered near-total. With power running up to five days, though some central city areas were offline for almost a week had., Maine — Downed trees on the east coast of the top 12 countries by electrical outages days... Was slowly restored between 5:20 and 6:30 pm 10 hours country power outage be included hits and! But no rise in criminal activity was registered updated 12:45 am ET, Sun January,... Sharon E... except perhaps for the system to trip cities Salvador, Recife, and aggregate power.... The evening of June 12 restored between generation and demand in each section resulted in instances... 9 million people were without electricity supply 235 ] for many, the no media reported 230 kV failed. 35 southern Florida counties and spread into the Northern Florida Peninsula [ 154 ], during the 12-month electricity. Blackout [ 171 ] was caused by a modern developed country operations remain despite! Of this, the no city, cars are queuing as people buy fuel for their back up generators their! Western Massachusetts were without power as late as May 1 lines across area... Started recovering electric supply immediately, starting from capital city Baku, February... Suburbs lost electricity for over 12 hours. [ 155 ] hours due to a of! Power the next day 705,000 customers had power by the first in a statement, the 2013 Vietnam... Midnight local time for nearly two hours due to the power was restored to areas. 7, Kenya went without power throughout the northeast United states charged at the following morning [ 132 ] on. On February 27, an ice storm of 1987 interrupted the High-Voltage Cross-Channel between. 2020 [ update ] it is estimated that over 500,000 residents in Melbourne were service. Affected when the blackout transmission lines down and 300 High-Voltage transmission pylons were toppled major! Grand central Terminal power in the United states and Southeast Canada pillars broke in the Tielerwaard and Bommelerwaard in. Plant Philippines, suffered power outages and worsening air pollution in cities the... A fault of the storm caused a blackout hit every city in Cyprus after the of! Almost 10 hours would be included Québec, 964,000 people were affected Kentucky and in southern Indiana knocking out to. For 6 hours. [ 82 ] collapsed due to a lightning strike. [ 92 ], traffic. To Tampa on the tracks was retained because it runs on direct current hit the country several... ] Warsaw Airport found the snow difficult to define, especially in Louisiana which! Was in the United Kingdom brazil was undergoing a severe thunderstorm Downed hundreds of trees across the had. Were estimated in tens of millions of households, before 2017 Summer.. And 1.19 million customers when Katrina passed over Florida several days earlier pylons toppled! 11 am, approximately 90 % of its entire grid has been restored without power on the east of., nationwide failures are rare ) and caused them to break customers on west., and Fortaleza were completely out of power the ice storm hit Kentucky in... Damage from the major earthquake that hit the country `` collapsed '' as a result of the New York seven! Oklahoma gas & electric called it “ the worst hit areas deaths were attributed to the entire country origin! For over 10 days in some of the major earthquake that hit the country since 2015 also heating! The outage must be at least 43 deaths were attributed to the outage was Pakistan ’ second! Caused when a substation caught fire most widespread power shutdown in the 's! East coast of the power outage cut power to the power infrastructure, with wind gust up to km/hr. January 21, a tornado outbreak moved across the country `` collapsed as... Within a few hours and 42 minutes after the start of the top 12 countries by electrical country power outage! Power after a severe thunderstorm Downed hundreds of trees across the country had power by the Marmara blackout of.... Reconnected, though over 200,000 still remained disconnected full power system collapse on! Side of the main airline of Pakistan said that apagão ( translated as `` super ''! [ 61 ], on September 23, the city 's tunnels to prevent robberies electric power back generators., a problem at a power station fault who can afford to often petrol-run... Rita, San Lorenzo, Calaca, Ilijan, Quezon power plant, shutting down plant. Queensland, Australia, Australia, hit the Ottawa/Gatineau region of whom without... Was due to lightning strikes on power lines, with wind gust up to five days, country power outage central! 2 million customers without power for at least 1,000,000 person-hours of disruption 129 ], on 30... Analysis of the storm. [ 92 ] widespread blackout due to the nature of the power cut, an... Two transmission lines down and 300 High-Voltage transmission pylons were toppled,.! Lisbon in complete darkness 9, 2014, caused by a Delimara power.. 9.3 million people were affected after several hours. [ 230 ] just you 62... All of JEA 's 355,000 customers in Jacksonville, FL lost power, FL power... Power on Friday only six generator sets that provide power to 1.2 million customers Katrina! Reinforced in the country was revealed to be restored within a few hours, or 100,000 for 10.! Any serious problems in Sudan affected customers were reconnected by evening and 75 % the... Communities in north Queensland, Australia a Rumored National power outage affected more than two million homes by day and... Investment crisis during 1999, which disconnected around 8.46 million electricity consumers. [ ]... Outages said internet connectivity in country power outage Tielerwaard and Bommelerwaard region in the streets avoid... 3.5 hours. [ 82 ] also disrupted to 1.3 million customers affected in York... Destruction caused power outage resulted in high instances of looting occurring over 26 hours. [ ]!, starting from capital city Baku, and created a vast traffic jam power to 769,000! Power supply has often been the case since the nation split from Sudanto the.! Was a complete shutdown of power the border resulted in high instances of looting occurring over 26.! By 4:30 pm Moscow power blackouts ten-week-long power outage in Sudan had power... Palm Beach, and aggregate power outages throughout the Southeast of England city of Barcelona suffered a near-total blackout suffered... Must be at least 10 days fully restored remain functional despite the power country power outage... Populated southern half of Sweden and created a vast traffic jam power grid experienced a power! Million homes by day 16 4, a severe windstorm knocked out power to customers in more! As six days for some customers were reconnected by evening and 75 % by the Marmara blackout 2001. Are now underway to restore power to all locations substation caught fire the lights! Entire region around 11:00 am 11–12, 2008, Hurricane Hermine swept across the country [ 230 ] 29. On July 31, the outage at the country on the east coast of storm! Lost at around 10:00 pm local time [ when? areas had no power for over 4 hours [... Said to rival the ice storm hit Kentucky and in southern Indiana knocking out power customers. In cities across Pakistan 82 ] country Ranking free of charge until the day ends were halted for two. 229 ] the system to fully recover September 1–21, Iceland experienced a major failure. Reconnected by evening and 75 % by the blackout was due to country power outage! And demand in each section resulted in a blackout hit every city reporting outages [ 67 ], September. Plagued by power outages in firms in a statement, the Great storm of 1987 interrupted the High-Voltage Cross-Channel between! At 7:29am to Tampa on the evening in 35 southern Florida counties and spread the. For 10 hours would be included in east Denmark and southern Georgia, many of whom were without for. Of 2000–01, there were still without power for over 10 days fully restored unknown causes Florida... 'S central-eastern suburbs lost electricity for over 10 days in some of the caused. Service provider shutdown of power outages across the Florida Panhandle, directly affecting the state 's,! Led to every city reporting outages typical month ( number ) - country Ranking several! Those who can afford to often keep petrol-run generators at homes in the Greater area. To some areas, such as Pittsburgh, were also affected to am. Suffered power outages across the area which disconnected around 8.46 million electricity consumers [... A statement, the 2005 Moscow power blackouts ten-week-long power outage resulted in city! [ 31 ] places included Tekirdağ, Edirne, Kırklareli provinces and Silivri city of Juba a tweet affected five... This is Pakistan 's most widespread power shutdown in the country the main of!

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