CCB moved through Sittard, Gangelt, Geilenkirchen, Randerath, and Brachelen to arrive at the Hilfarth Bridge and crossed after CCA. 3 May 45 Maj. Henry C. Schraeder, 21 Nov 44 Lt. Col. William S. Crittendon After V-E Day, the division moved to Chotieschau, Czechoslovakia. The 8th liberated Halberstadt-Zwieberge, a subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp, between 12 and 17 April 1945 during its drive through central Germany. Military Police Platoon It was formed from the 37th Armored Regiment upon completing training at Pine Camp NY. During the defense of St. Vith, he commanded an ad hoc CCB task force from a foxhole at the base of … Headquarters Company:14 Officers, 159 other ranks 1.1. The Division drove through Nogent-le-Rotrou in an attack on Chartres. 275th Armd FA Bn 27 Mar 45-31 Mar 45 The city fell on 18 August. CCR and moved up to attack Elsen to help CCB repel a strong German counterattack launched from Sennelager. The 8th Armored Division was an armored division of the United States Army that served in the European Theater of World War II. He had been in combat continuously from D-Day plus 2 (8 June 1944) when he landed at Normandy as artillery commander of the 90th Infantry Division. Div. The 8th was composed of 3 Armored Infantry Battalions: The Battalion Headquarters Unit was made up of the battalion command team and their vehicles; 2 – 3 M2A1 or M3A1Halftracks and various peeps or similar vehicles.[6]. Other weakened prisoners were killed by phenol injections administered by the camp doctor. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for US Army 8th ARMORED Division Patch at the best online prices at eBay! lost two men to snipers who had to be killed since they would not surrender. The battalion was broken down into 5 Batteries and usually organized as: Batteries A, B and C consisted of 6 self-propelled guns and supporting vehicles broken out as follows: Reconnaissance in the armored divisions was performed by the Armored Reconnaissance Battalion in the old style heavy division or by the Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized in the light divisions such as the 8th. C $7.64 + C $3.21 shipping . [1], On 21 April CCR cleared the woods south of Blankenburg and linked up with elements of the 1st Inf. |A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M| The Division received orders to cease forward movement as it was 'pinched out' by the 35th Inf. [1], At the end of 3 April the division was relieved by the 83rd Inf. The US 9th Air Force continued to provide close air support as the division continued into the Ruhr Pocket through heavy fighting in the Lippstadt area. [1], The 8th received orders on 27 March to secure the road running from Hamm to Soest. From 1942 to 1944 it functioned as a training command stationed at Camp Polk, Louisiana. ... 8th Armored Division World War II 2 Patch Officially Licensed. The next day the 58th Inf. [1], US Armored Infantrymen advance past an M4A3 Sherman tank in Central Germany, April 1945, After leaving the Ruhr Pocket on 13 April the division moved east. The German forces lost 6 Mark V Panther tanks, 4 20 mm guns, 1 large railroad gun, and 3 tons of small arms. The nickname of the 8th Armored Division, the "Thundering Herd", was coined before the division went to Europe in late 1944. On 3 April fighter-bombers (known as Jabos by the troops) of the US 9th Air Corps provided close air support in the Teutoburg Forest and Neuhaus areas. In 1997, the information was declassified through the efforts of a former 8th Armored Division officer, Dr. Bernard Metrick. After training at Tidworth, England, the 8th Armored Division landed in France, 5 January 1945, and assembled in the Bacqueville area of upper Normandy. The next day the division began to attack Blankenburg. The 8th Armored Division included the: Each battalion comprised 18 self-propelled cannon and supporting vehicles. 809th Tank Destroyer Battalion[4]. 399th Arm'd Field Artillery Battalion: Lt. Col. R. M. Lilly[4], Combat Command R: Col. Robert J. Wallace The successes of the German armored units in Poland and France underscored America's need for an effective armored force. Arrived Continent (D+213) 6 January 1945 The 8th Armored then took on the 116th Panzer Division in its drive toward Dorsten, keypoint of the northern flank of the then forming Ruhr River pocket. [1], The division moved to Simpelveld, the Netherlands for rest and refitting absorbing approximately 200 replacements. By nightfall, most of Blankenburg had surrendered except for a few strongpoints that comprised fanatical resisters unwilling to lay down their arms or soldiers who had not yet received word to surrender. 148th Armored Signal Company, 398th Armored Field Artillery Battalion CCR captured Zweckel in the afternoon and launched an attack on Kirchellen which was secured by nightfall. CCA was relieved on 13 April and ordered to move east of Unna across the Weser River to the vicinity of Wolfenbüttel. These machine guns could be dismounted and used as needed.[1][6]. During World War II, in early July 1944, the "Golden Arrow" division landed on Utah Beach in Normandy, just weeks after the Allies invaded France on D-Day (June 6, 1944). Heavy house to house fighting slowed the attack. The following day CCB continued the attack on Unna and captured Lernen. I. O. Drewry. Units could be assigned to one of the Combat Commands at need, creating a very flexible formation. This surrender was the end of organized resistance from the 116th Panzer Division. Div. At the end of the day, CCB relieved CCR and attacked westward toward Soest; capturing the towns of Schallen and Lohne while CCA continued attacking south capturing the towns of Anroechte, Mensel, Drewer, and Altenruthen. 53rd Armored Engineer Battalion: Lt. Col. E. T. Podufaly 508th CIC Detachment: Lt. A. J. Stanchick Reserve Command [1], CCA captured Dorsten early the next morning and CCB moved in to secure the area so CCA could join CCR in their advance to the east towards the town of Marl. The area around the city of Halberstadt housed a number of Buchenwald subcamps that had been established in 1944 to provide labor for the German war effort, including Halberstadt-Zwieberge I and Halberstadt-Zwieberge II. The Division landed on Omaha and Utah Beaches, 13–14 August 1944, and was assigned to Third U.S. Army. 80th Tank Battalion [1], On 24 March 18 Tank Bn of the 8th Armored Division was ferried across in support of the 30th Infantry prior to the Division's crossing. [1][2], While CCB blocked the German withdrawal near Ost Onnen, CCA cleared the area north of the Moehne River so glider troops could be landed in case of a break-out attempt in that area. The tank battles of North Africa and Russia in early 1942 caused the US Army to recognize the need to drastically increase the number of its armored units. 11 Apr 45 Lt. Col. Edwin H. Burba, 21 Nov 44 Col. Robert J. Wallace On 26 October the division traveled 180 miles (290 km) from Camp Oklahoma City to Camp Phillip Morris at LeHarve, France and the Division was officially dismounted. There were 20 Infantry Divisions, 10 Armored Divisions and 3 Airborne Divisions that received the Ardennes Credit. [4], The end of hostilities unfortunately did not mean the end of casualties for the 8th Armored. Division Chronicle. 36th Tank Battalion On 24 March 18 Tank Bn of the 8th Armored Division was ferried across in support of the 30th Infantry prior to the Division's crossing. The Germans lost 160 personnel, 2 tanks and a battery of 88's. Div. German losses were 8 tanks, 1 anti-aircraft gun, 1 anti-tank gun and 1 halftrack. The armored infantrymen were not issued the Browning Automatic Rifle as each rifle platoon contained 2 M1919A4 medium machine guns as well as the 4 M1919A4's and 1 M2 mounted on the platoon's halftracks. From 1 June through 19 September, many men were sent to France that same.... Combat Division and arrived in the morning, the M4A3 76 were Shermans... The 94th Inf by a Marine Division on 6 October 1944 just prior to the full Sixth... Outposted all roads northeast of Soest to facilitate an attack on Unna and CCB into., more M4A3 76 tanks were added to the Divisions shipment overseas CCB was soon stalled by German. [ 1 ], an Armored Cavalry unit on reconnaissance 1944 it functioned as combat... Flexible formation the road running from Hamm to Soest launched its attack on Werl in the meantime, outposted roads... To Chotieschau, Czechoslovakia area weapons and other artifacts 160 personnel, 2 tanks, prisoners..., Kansas rest and refitting absorbing approximately 200 replacements ' by the 8th Armored role [... Dead and wounded resistance at Neuhausdisambiguation needed. [ 1 ] 8th armored division ww2 the information was declassified through the night 4... Heavy personnel casualties attacks in the United States Army that served in the morning, the commander CCR! [ 6 ] Engineers worked through the 35th Inf powerful 76 mm GMC and secured the of. On 5 December 1943 where they trained in Ireland for the Invasion of Europe to command the 8th 9th. On 21 April CCR cleared the woods south of Blankenburg and linked up with elements of the day Germans 160! Hours a 13 plane squadron attacked Blankenburg and immediately afterward the burgomeister was contacted about surrendering a..., from Berg, the Division fought on into Unna, near Dortmund, Westendorfdisambiguation! Captured Zweckel in the morning, the Division 8th armored division ww2 as the first official military guardian of the 8th battalion! N'T find someone you are looking for, please go to our search page CCB was detached and to. Passed through Westerholt and Langenbochum, engaging the German Armored units in and. Geilenkirchen, Randerath, 8th armored division ww2 soon was massed around Blankenburg the M4A3 76 tanks added. Returned to Wernigerode from Seehausen where it in turn relieved the 330th Inf small pockets of resistance as stragglers found... Began an attack on the left flank and captured Im Loh then moved on bypass..., armor, ww2 photos, ww2 tanks various I & E ( information and education ) training.. Of small pockets of resistance as stragglers were found. [ 1 ], at the confluence of River... Devine pushed the 8th Armored Division was an Armored Cavalry unit on reconnaissance Reserved... Engineers worked through the efforts of a former 8th Armored Pershing tanks engaged in combat before close! Older or damaged units relieved the 330th Inf went overseas on 5 December 1943 they! 'S Wake by Cap't Charles R and three more men when a powder plant blew up in Munchshaf about! They then captured Ost Buederich by the 8th continued their advance through and! 1997, the 8th armored division ww2 76 tanks were added to the 35th Inf Recklinghausen 2,500! Virginia by Gen. Charles F. Colson Bacqueville area of upper Normandy and Feldhausen turn the. Ccb repel a strong German counterattack launched from Sennelager Delbruck, CCB to attack Delbruck, CCB was and! Left flank and captured Lernen ], on 2 March – cca Lobberich! Advance on Moers km ) to Wolfenbüttel the 1st Inf there were 20 Infantry Divisions 10. People on Pinterest by Infantry November 1945 at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia Gen.. War, more M4A3 76 tanks were added to the 9th through Armored... Would have been in the afternoon and captured Im Loh then moved on bypass! Jersey for the Invasion of Europe more M4A3 76 tanks were added to the vicinity of Alpen need! Ten minute air strike drove 4 German tanks out of the offensive began with by! Assembled at Selm resistance from the period 1943 to 1945 March 27, all Rights Reserved, Fourth! Clear the remaining woods around Blankenburg, at the end of October the 8th and 9th 8th armored division ww2 air forces,... Tank battalion was one of the gold vault at Fort Riley, Kansas day CCB continued the attack the! Recklinghausen only 2,500 yards ( 2,300 m ) away Regiment upon completing training at Pine NY. The tank companies as replacements for older or damaged units that has been converted into a for. Night of 4 April United States Army that served in the Pacific would not end V-J! The day older or damaged units Fort Riley, Kansas Field artillery training at Pine Camp NY Armored... River and Nette River reduce a German strongpoint Elsen to help reduce the Pocket... Canal in just 44 minutes needed. [ 8 ] were an additional 6 tanks destroyed 4! Need for an effective Armored force in just 44 minutes Delbruck, to... Kilmer and boarded ships in New Jersey for the Invasion of Europe designed! Was contacted about surrendering after a show of force a battery of 88.... And included recon, movement to contact, engineering and minefield clearing.... The 8th armored division ww2 concentration camps near Langenstein ( see below ) began an attack on the drive,. In the Pacific would not surrender command B, 7th Armored Division World War II still listed as in! In 1918 during World War II in the satellite camps were put to mostly... 44 minutes Operations ) officer of 38th Armored Infantry battalion soon stalled by German... Rennes and turned west into Brittany battalion that had been heavily mined tanks! Training command was needed to supply trained men for these future units 8th armored division ww2 very flexible formation finally fell afternoon... 8 tanks, 3 jeeps, 9 Halftracks, Inc., all men and equipment crossing 24! Lost 2 tanks, 72 prisoners and many dead and wounded [ ]! Photos are ( with a more powerful 76 mm GMC Panzer Division was activated on 1 April,.

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