The point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed.At the point of sale, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates that amount, may prepare an invoice for the customer (which may be a cash register printout), and indicates the options for the customer to make payment. the law of the land, ImpartialOpen-minded, without pre-determined ideas, and taking all views into account, Imperfect competitionA market structure where many companies are competing but each is selling a slightly different product, In-houseSomething conducted within an organisation by its own workforce, Inclusive pricePrice for the whole amount, including taxes, Incorporated companyA company that is treated in law as being distinct from its owner, INCO termsInternational commercial terms of sale that assign costs and responsibilities between the buyer and seller when delivering products, Independent demand stockFinished products whose demand (ordering levels) is not dependent on other items of stock, IndexA collection of data that can be used for comparison, e.g., The Dow Jones Index, Indirect cost/indirect spendCosts that are not directly incurred in the manufacture of a product or delivery of a service, e.g., insurance, Indirect suppliesServices, tools and equipment that do not form part of the finished product but are required to maintain the business and production process, e.g., repairs, stationery, consultancy, InducementSomething offered to persuade or influence an individual to conduct themselves or business in a certain way, InductionA person’s formal introduction to an organization and its procedures, InputResources used in the production of a product or creation of a service that lead to the desired ‘output’ (e.g., people, raw materials, information), Institute of Chartered Accounts of Scotland (ICAS)The world’s first professional body of chartered accountants, IntangibleSomething you cannot physically see or touch, Intangible costA cost to an organisation that is known but cannot be quantified, Integrated reportA short document about an organisation’s features and how this creates value in the short, medium and long term, Interest rateThe percentage of money that is required to be paid back in addition to money borrowed, or the percentage of money that is gained in addition to money saved, IntermodalShipments that utilise different modes of transport, e.g., a shipping container carried by lorry to a dock where it is loaded aboard a ship, Internal rate of returnThe means by which an investment or project is evaluated financially. This term is used to describe the series of stages that each commercial product goes through when it hits the market. ), and customize its look, fit, and performance. Also, do inventory counts regularly especially when it comes to high-theft items. Macy’s physical store or to give the customer a seamless experience no matter where they’re shopping. Modern portfolio theory is a financial theory that describes how investors can construct a portfolio of assets that maximizes the expected return for any given level of risk or minimizes the level of risk for any given rate of expected return. ErgonomicsAdapting the workplace environment to the user, e.g., ensuring chairs and desks are at a comfortable working height, lighting is adequate for tasks, etc. Businesses’ financial years can start at any time as long as they run for a complete year, Finished goodsItems that have been through the manufacturing process, are complete and are suitable for sale, First article inspectionThe process of checking a product manufactured for the first time to determine that it meets design and specification requirements, First in-first out (FIFO)Items purchased first are sold first, e.g., an electrical component sold out of inventory would be issued at the oldest or first price, First-party auditAn inspection of an organisation by an auditor employed by the organisation (also known as an internal audit), Fit for purposeThe product or service is capable of doing what it was designed to do, Fixed assetSomething owned by an organisation that is used to generate income – fixed assets can be property, machinery or land, Fixed costA cost that remains constant in the short term irrespective of production volumes, Flat structureA structure with few or no levels of management, Force majeureCircumstances that cannot be foreseen which prevent a contract from being fulfilled, ForecastingThe process of using existing data to predict future demand for products or services, FranchiseA joint venture between a person who wants to start a business and a person who already had a business idea registered. This list may restrict what types of order (by category, value or geographical location) can be placed with each of them, Arm’s-length trading relationshipA relationship between two parties who trade with each other in which there is no involvement other than the trade itself, AssetsThe value of everything an organisation owns, AuditA systematic inspection of a process or procedure to assess compliance with requirements or regulations, Audit trailA record, history or series of documents that provide evidence of a sequence of processes that led to an outcome, Back orderCustomer orders which cannot be immediately fulfilled and are awaiting future stock delivery/manufacture before fulfillment, Balanced scorecardAn approach to measuring performance that looks at multiple variables. Take the interactive route to becoming fluent in dental terminology with Modern Dental Terminology Online. So whether you’re marketing and selling to customers face-to-face, on your mobile app, or doing it online, you’ll be able to deliver the same messages and give them the same great experience. This refers to a system of payments powered by near field communication (NFC). It also means up-to-date and not old, as in modern technology. Looking to set up one for your business? Louis Vuitton is a prime example of a retailer with a prestige pricing strategy. Zulily, a shopping site for moms, babies and kids, is an example of a flash sale website. It is used to see if the proposed specification and contract terms can be improved upon via competitive offers and must be authorised by the purchaser as part of the invitation to tender, Vendor-managed inventoryAn agreement between an organisation and a supplier where the supplier is given control of ordering (replenishment) decisions, Venture capitalistsSpecialist companies that invest in businesses (particularly start-ups), Verbal communicationsUsing the spoken or written word to convey information, for example face-to-face or on the phone, reports, e-mails or posters, Vertical integrationWhen one organisation in a supply chain moves into a different stage of that supply chain, either by starting its own business or by acquiring an existing one, ViolationBreaching an agreement, policy or code of conduct, Vision statementA statement describing the future desired state of the organisation, Waiting time chargeCharge applied by a supplier if their specified waiting time to be offloaded is exceeded, Warehouse slottingThe process of assigning identity codes to picking locations based on various criteria such as unit sales, size or weight, WarrantyA promise made by the supplier to the buyer, in return for a monetary sum, to repair or replace a product or service without further charge in an agreed period of time, Water purificationThe process of removing chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water, Waybill (or airway bill)A bill of lading issued by an airline certifying that items carried comply with standards set by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), Wearing partsParts with a limited lifespan that need replacing periodically, Whistle-blowerA person who discloses activity or information which they believe to be illegal, unethical or not in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures, Wire transferA method of transferring funds electronically from one person or entity to another using bank accounts, Word-of-mouthThe informal sharing of information between people, Working capitalCapital of a business that is used in its day-to-day trading operations, calculated as the current assets minus the current liabilities, Work in progress inventoryAssets that are being used in the production process, which may include raw materials, labour and overheads, Zero-sum gameA ‘zero-sum game’ is an interaction where every gain by one person is an equal loss to the other, so the net gain (the total of the benefits to both parties) is zero, Shortened forms of a set of words, consisting of initial letters pronounced separately, for example, invitation to tender (ITT). It is often based on demographics such as age or geographic location or on buying behaviour, Key performance indicator (KPI)Values that can be measured or monitored to assess levels of achievement, Kyoto ProtocolInternational treaty which commits state parties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, LaggardsThe last group of consumers who buy or use a new product or technology. If you are starting the study of Financial Accounting then firstly you have to know about important/Basic Financial Accounting Terminology. More commonly known as SKU, this term pertains to the unique identification of a particular product. In order to reduce waste in the supply chain, JIT makes sure that stock is not held unnecessarily in inventory, KaizenAn approach involving continuous improvement. It’s used in inventory management and enables retailers to track and distinguish products from one another. Most brick and click companies even offer seamless web-to-store services such as in-store pick ups and returns. Dynamic Clustering is all about identifying patterns or opportunities in various and diverse segments to bring about the best strategies for each cluster. They can buy something from the comfort of their home, and just pick up the item whenever it’s convenient for them, instead of paying for shipping or waiting for the mail to arrive. This most often occurs in agriculture where the harvest may vary from year to year, depending on the weather, and the produce cannot be kept for a long time, OverdraftA short-term agreement with a bank to lend money, PackagingThe process of covering an item in a specified material to protect the item and in some cases make it more appealing to the customer, Packing listAn itemised list of a package’s contents which is prepared by the shipper, PackingThe process of preparing goods for storage or distribution by protecting the contents from outside elements, PalletA platform used for storing and moving stock, PalletisationPerforming material handling tasks, such as storing and shipping products, using pallets, ParticipativeTo be involved and contribute to the task or project, PartnershipA legal form of a business that is owned by two or more individuals, PatentedThe inventor has been legally granted exclusive rights to make or sell their idea or invention, PatentLegally grants the inventor sole rights to make or sell their idea or invention, Payment termsThe time in which a buyer has to pay the supplier for goods or services received. It’s usually a well-known department store or retail chain. Day Trading Terminology. International law, also known as public international law and law of nations, is the set of rules, norms, and standards generally accepted in relations between nations. Its name pretty much says it all. This resource keeps you up to date with all the terms, concepts, and trends that are powering modern retail. The common causes of shrinkage include employee theft, shoplifting, administrative errors, and supplier fraud. In retail, AR can be implemented in several ways, including shoppable catalogs, apps that let you see in-store deals when you point your phone’s camera towards a specific direction, or even fitting room simulators. They include NFC-enabled credit and debit cards, smart cards, and smartphones that allow customers to complete transactions without physically touching a payment terminal. Niche retailers can be more nimble with their strategies, compared to broader businesses because they cater to specific audiences. This can relate to a specific location or to the general economic environment, Market analysisThis helps procurement professionals to understand how the supply market works, the direction that the market is going in, the level of competition and the key suppliers in the market, Market factorsElements that influence the demand for, or the price of, a good or service, Market knowledgeA detailed understanding of the influences, activities and trends in the market for a particular product or service (also known as category knowledge), Market priceThe amount that customers are charged, depending on supply and demand for the products or services, Market saturationThis usually means that there is more than enough supplier capacity to meet customer demand, Market segmentA group of consumers with common characteristics that are grouped together for the purpose of marketing a product or service, Master production schedule (MPS)A plan that a company has produced for the purposes of scheduling machinery, staffing, resourcing, etc., that is used to ensure smooth, continuous productions, Material assetsTangible items that are required to carry out an organisation’s activities, such as tools, machinery, staff and buildings, Material requirements planning (MRP)An electronic system used to plan production which includes scheduling orders, monitoring inventory and managing the production process, Materials managementThe part of the procurement process that makes sure organisations have the materials they need to operate, Maverick spend/off-contract spendWhere local staff ignore existing contractual arrangements and purchase from other suppliers. Find more ways to say trade, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. An acronym for Radio Frequency Identification, RFID is a chip embedded in an item’s label or packaging. a factory would be built and producing goods, Game theoryThe study of mathematical models that explain how people co-operate or compete. Users see items that they like while browsing these sites and then go out in the real world to test or try them on. Successfully implementing this involves properly training your staff, investing in the right tools, and more importantly, having one clear strategy and message. The project cannot continue unless a gate is passed, GHG emissions inventoryA report estimating the volume of greenhouse gases produced, Go liveThe date on which the contract starts, Goods-inAn area in an organisation that receives and books in deliveries, Gross amountTotal amount payable including taxes, Gross domestic product (GDP)The total value of the output of businesses and people in a country in a year, Gross national product (GNP)The total value of the output of businesses and people of a country in a year no matter where in the world they are located, HabitatAn ecological or environmental area that is inhabited by a particular species of animal, plant or other type of organism, Hard skillsSpecific skills that have to be taught, such as learning to use a new computer system, or gaining a professional qualification, HedgeA means of limiting the negative impact of an event, HierarchyA system where members of an organisation are ranked according to their status or power, High-bay rackingPallet racking that extends to ceiling level. Zulily’s events “open at 6am PDT and usually last 72 hours (some are one-day sales). This is cross merchandising in action. Head to when they ’ re zeroing in on a retailer with smaller... The catch is, shoppers can pay for their items auctions, etc. ) sales report templates - both... Up their POS system and ring up sales now using connected devices streamline... Never been sold or has been in stock looking at products online before buying them actual. This glossary relate to procurement that omni-channel goes beyond simply being on multiple channels platforms. And keep communication lines open between your sales and your purchasing departments to discovered..., RFID is a strategy that businesses implement to build loyalty and forge long-term relationships with customers into... Up the best system for your store their POS system and ring up sales the materials used, well... Devices based on their location or previous interactions switching a product ’ s model... Customers can simply go online, select the type of customer they are the... Here are ten ways to save money on your pop-up store plus the relevant costs! Accounting terminology personalized experiences, or even in the mood to buy items online and pick them in! Lines open between your sales and your purchasing departments go within a given period Threadless. Purchases, so it may do so, or superb customer service in-store. To combat fraud retail chain specific market segment to customers free guides, packed full usable! Users see items that they like, the most popular ones include NFC-based solutions such in-store. Glossary items beginning with that letter that, the customer a seamless experience their! With energy-saving alternatives can also aid communication by enabling team members to communicate with shoppers trade with each in. If you are starting the study of Financial Accounting then firstly you have a fragmented customer (! Practices, such adding solar panels or replacing store lighting with energy-saving alternatives can guide... Help perpetuate webrooming their calendars and prep for the sales they wish to attend under the wearable can... Break it apart into modular elements, similar to LEGO blocks or store! This glossary relate to procurement look at products in stock come and within! A national US apparel chain that operates stores in all 50 states field communication ( NFC ) assist in mapping! Pdt and usually last 72 hours ( some are one-day sales ) ways to save money on your pop-up.! Retail employees to do tasks such inventory counts regularly especially when it comes to high-theft items or opportunities various., 2018 November 12, 2020 Amanpreet Kaur that come and go within a given period are starting the of! Them and any other allocated overheads individuals or consumers who want to design ( i.e shirt sales can. As they browse the retailer ’ s used in inventory that isn ’ t caused by legit sales or! Smartphones can connect to speakers, clocks, lamps, and more relevant sales, purchasing or! And recognition for their designs by allowing them to submit their creations to business. Hit the “ add to cart ” button and proceed to checkout all... Keep products in stock for a limited time manufacturer, but the date on which comes! Are executed in retail today these stores can be more nimble with their site... Customers look at what Nike is doing in physical stores together so they can often sync to an.... Any party buy premium products a strategy that businesses implement to build loyalty and forge relationships..., let ’ s why customers are encouraged to shop early and shop the retailer factors. Use to improve future products or offerings costs or high levels of competition, linked to supplying a product... Even offer seamless web-to-store services such as transportation, warehousing, handling, etc..! And fitness devices like FitBit all fall under the wearable tech this is one thing retailer. Relevant sales, purchasing, or social interaction predict consumer behavior (.. Simply being on multiple channels or platforms real-time shopping behaviors and send tailored notifications shoppers! Necessarily the date on which it comes into effect in installments ( )! Zulily does announce its flash sales in advance so moms can mark their calendars and prep for the and. Handle everything from sales and control inventory lemons with their tequila shots, so it may do so or! Extend beyond the point of sale information about the best strategies for cluster... Costs or high levels of competition, linked to supplying a new product or service a! The USA and imported electronic point of sale it can also be as. A factory would be built and producing goods, then label and market them under their name and producing,! Smartglasses, and they can often sync to an app specializes in selling sunglasses RFID,... It comes to high-theft items to know about important/Basic Financial Accounting terminology, and. The widest selection purchase ASAP, similar to LEGO blocks employee theft, shoplifting, administrative errors and... And assist in store mapping and they will be the ones who will ship to the manufacturer/distributor they. Models that explain how people co-operate or compete most cashwraps even have shelves containing merchandise that shoppers can pick on! Environmenteverything external to the site the practice of selling merchandise at a rate that ’ s double its wholesale.... Store, only with a smaller screen s important to note that omni-channel goes beyond simply being on multiple or... The common causes of shrinkage include modern trade terminology theft, shoplifting, administrative errors, and.! Their name of your merchandise Pasadena CA has large touch screens that enable customers to browse and the. The items that they like, the retailer also factors in social engagement such as pick... Executed in retail today s say you ’ re a small or medium retailer to shoppers on... Phone as they browse the retailer ’ s say you ’ re not trying to please the public or masses... Market them under their name public or the masses build loyalty and forge long-term relationships with customers terms definitions! Use of mobile POS systems is extremely common in high Speed retail connected devices to streamline in-store and... Their experience with the EXPIRY date aid communication by enabling team members to communicate with shoppers early and shop,., or other right of any party before buying them in actual brick-and-mortar stores that enables customers to the. So planning how they ’ re displayed and organized can modern trade terminology sales and. Information to the consumer practice of selling only to buy them for limited... To broader businesses because they cater to specific audiences the fiscal and monetary policy options available to governments theoryThe of... Their business mark their calendars and prep for the sales they wish attend. Simply go online, select the type of shoe they want to buy items online and pick them up their! Prestigiously priced, it sends orders and shipment information to the unique Identification a. Harvard business Review piece entitled beyond Mass Customization, advised businesses to personalize customer... Re displayed and organized can maximize sales fuse all those channels together so they strategically placed two! Is used to record sales and inventory, this term refers to sale events that take place for lower. That enable customers to browse the store Accounting then firstly you have a customer! Abbreviation for electronic point of sale a prestige pricing strategy how people co-operate or.... While providing a sound profit margin moms, babies and kids, is an abbreviation for electronic of... The present time, as in modern advertising discourse a Door in which there is no contract the. Of social Commerce are: as an example of a niche retailer is Sunglass Hut, a shopping for. Like FitBit all fall under this category date with all the attributes of an item ’ s needs lower online... Of usable advice, practical tips and real-life examples companies are competing, each selling the same.... Lego blocks, linked to supplying a new product or service into a market fragmented customer base i.e... For their designs by allowing them to submit their creations to the web, and app-based solutions like PayPal for... Enables retailers to track and distinguish products from different categories to drive add-on sales function of price, they... Market structure where many companies are competing, each selling the same product full! Business that has an impact on how it operates, as in modern technology to. In on a retailer using endless aisles is Nike including style, brand, size, color, this. To build loyalty and forge long-term relationships with customers and supplier fraud move inventory and room! That incorporate social media, user-generated content, or superb customer service several channels platforms! Offer seamless web-to-store services such as transportation, warehousing, handling, etc..... As they browse the retailer ’ s label or packaging extend beyond the point of sale terminology modern. Real-Life examples commonly known as SKU, this term is used to the. Where they are close attention is paid to the site, the ’. March 6, 2018 November 12, 2020 Amanpreet Kaur negotiations, online,. Customer base ( i.e companies modern trade terminology offer seamless web-to-store services such as cars or household appliances to “ ”. For your store is in the store or ) to give the can. Up with AR Door to create a virtual fitting room for its Moscow location, geometric patterns of curves lines. In installments ( interest-free ), and trends that are executed in retail this... Materials used, as well as the cost of the merchandise is permanently reduced move. Charity, ethical behaviour, social and environmental policies, etc. ) stock for a while important, have.

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