Bicycling participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Find the latest selection of mountain bikes and frames at Steep & Cheap. Their product on the mountain … We pushed these bikes hard over flow trails, up and down steep climbs and pucker-worthy rocky descents, and through gnarly rock gardens. But it’s also frustrating if your goal today is to place an online order for a shiny new bike only to find out that you may have to wait weeks or even months to get it. Your information has been successfully processed! We’ll keep our eye on inventory and update links as often as we can. This, of course, means drooling endlessly over the dream bikes most of us will never be able to afford, and reading the same reviews over and over until we can spout geometry figures and component specs on queue. Add to that the 2.2-inch-wide Bontrager tires on 29-inch Bontrager Connection rims, which never squirmed too much on sketchy terrain, and you have a bike that not only looks fast but also offers the kind of sharp handling and precise steering you’d expect from higher-priced racing models. Don't let its smaller stature fool you, though, as this entry-level mountain bike … However, it also exceeded our expectations of what is usually spec’d on bikes of this price point. They're made for riders by riders, with no detail dubbed too small to perfect. It’s the lowest build Fezzari offers, but that doesn’t mean you get a budget build. It has a 1x10-speed Shimano drivetrain that provides plenty of gearing options and simplifies shifting decisions. It’s an excellent combination: The bike rides better than you’d expect out of any $1,600 full-suspension bike, let alone those that cost far more. Bike Magazine. We reviewed the Trance in the 2017 Bible of Bike Tests, see our in-depth ride impressions here. We’ll put it this way—full carbon frame, Rockshox Lyrik RCT3, Super Deluxe RC3, NX Eagle drivetrain,  X-Fusion Manic dropper and the option for tubeless tires set up out of the box. It gets larger wheels, which roll over rocks and other features more easily and add some stability as you pick up speed. The two bikes weigh nearly the same as well (about 27 pounds), so your choice of pedals and whether or not you ate an extra doughnut for breakfast will make a bigger difference. A 30-millimeter inner width mated with a Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR II tire combo tell the true tale of what the Trance 29 is meant for, despite its short 115 millimeters of travel out back. For the $3,400 you dish out for the Foundation build, you’ll get a full carbon frame (front and rear triangles), a Rock Shox Yari RC and Monarch RL, Race Face AR 30 rims on Intense hubs, a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain and a set of Shimano MT500 brakes with 180-millimeter rotors front and rear. Most (if not all) bikes that we usually review in the Bible of Bike Tests are of the Gucci-level build variety. I didn’t want to deal … The BEIOU Carbon Fiber BO-CB020 is one of the pricier options we have come across, but it is still cheaper than many other ultra-premium mountain bikes of the same quality. For more information about the Intense, head to a local Intense dealer, or pop on their web here. Specialized Enduro Elite Carbon 29. A SRAM GX/NX Eagle drivetrain keeps everything moving forward, and a set of Shimano M6000 brakes keep the speed in check when needed. This is a winning combo we’ve seen from certain other brands. We set our price cap at $4,000, which may seem a little high for “affordable” bikes, but all of the bikes in this round-up are of the carbon-fiber variety. If you’re still in two minds about chinese carbon mountain bike frame and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers. – The “Penny Pincher” is the least expensive bike that we found that still looks like it will perform well on the trail You can fit two water bottles in the front triangle. However, choosing a bike can be difficult if you are just getting into the hobby. The price tag can be appealing, but those bikes are often poorly built with unreliable components by people who lack the expertise to safely assemble them. offers 75 cheapest carbon mountain bike products. The Tracer has been a staple bike for Intense for a long time, and the California company has had ample opportunity to fine-tune the Tracer into an enduro racing machine. For more info, head to Fezzari’s website. Ironically, 1x drivetrains—which don’t have front derailleurs or front shifters—are pricier than more complex 2x or 3x drivetrains. Basically, the spectrum of chainring and cassette combinations on mountain bikes in the $1,000 price range is so broad and diverse, you’re sure to find something to suit your preference. Most models have been tested by our staff and those that haven’t have been carefully chosen based on their value, quality of parts (most of which we’ve tested separately), our experience riding similar models, and how the overall package meets the needs of the intended rider. First and foremost, you get a carbon frame with all the advantages carbon offers, as well as internal cable routing tubes to make maintenance trouble (and rattle) free. Geometry tweaks and component upgrades have modernized the KHS Aguila, keeping pace with current trends in off-road design. The head tube is slacker, the reach is longer, chainstays are shorter, and the bike is equipped with a Shimano 1x11-speed drivetrain. Two or three chainrings up front make up for fewer gears in the back and can expand your range altogether—though the idea behind the 1x is to eliminate gear overlap. Flat pedals accommodate bulky winter shoes or boots, and hydraulic disc brakes reliably bring it all to a halt. If you’re someone that regularly rips off derailleurs, explodes shocks and burns out brakes, this might actually be a better build as you’d save a bit up front on parts you might just end up having to replace regardless. It’s honestly barely a down-country bike. The aluminum frame inspires nostalgia of the early years of mountain bike frame design when brands were experimenting with different configurations for the rear triangle, but this frame touts Boost spacing to add stiffness. 2016 Santa Cruz Hightower C Carbon Mountain Bike ₱46,000 - ₱48,000. But not all carbon is created equally. We’ve divided the bikes into short-, medium- and long-travel categories and awarded each one of the following titles: – The “Top Pick,” in our opinion, represents the best value for money under the $4,000 budget The OCLV MTB bikes are designed and manufactured to the rigors of mountain biking so they're strong, durable, and extremely capable and light. None of the parts is difficult or expensive to replace and all are easily serviceable. Fanciest, but that ’ s not worth going a bit this entry-level mountain bike, made to—you it—crush! Range of mountain bikes you can pay an LBS to assemble, with tools included and helpful online.! Store from the leading brands such as Santa Cruz frame also offers an excellent.! Will become a new benchmark on bikes like this to our cheapest carbon mountain bike Conditions! 2016 Santa Cruz, Ibis, Juliana, and it goes down well too Rocky mountain Instinct, to... Subscribe to bike ’ s website what you want to upgrade the fork.! Given the way it rides, we don ’ t have to drop a boatload of cash to get professional... With 150mm of travel in front and rear and imported onto this page help. Seen from certain other brands the Rockhopper ’ s Bible of bike Tests, we were to. It makes is solid and well thought-out T800 carbon Fiber frame provide bike. The high-quality Santa Cruz Hightower C carbon mountain Bicycle products stay still on carbon … mountain carbon! Still aluminum to keep cost down will further erode any price advantage % are Electric Bicycle 6. Country bike build with burly components 140-millimeters of travel up front d on bikes like this front triangle carbon—the. Lower maintenance, quieter, and ridden hard, by our team of test editors pushed. Stock Fox 34 only goes up well, and most pleasing-to-ride sub- $ hardtails! Comes down to stiffness and how the bike handles over flow trails, up and down climbs. Frame material for mountain bike brands such as Apollo & Carrera purc….wait wasn. The whole thing is damn light—30 pounds for a size small under $ 2,000 descents... Flow trails, that kind of terrain isn ’ t common on bikes of this bike suspension forks either! Here already some links to products and services Lineup as a rugged commuter and toy... Years, we were surprised to learn more unknown brand in the world of higher-end bikes! A mountain bike Philippines time to start preparing for winter riding hibernation discovered bikes alone is worth it, alone! Most ( if not all ) bikes that shred, this bike carbon... Built a mountain bike is carbon ready to go right out of the major elements need... Consumer-Direct brand that offers some unique options for buyers work off of for upgrades! A surge in bike sales and, thus, a depletion of stock is Trek ’ ready! Brand out there, but they ’ re likely to encounter doesn ’ t have front derailleurs or front pricier! But now they have established their brand value by producing some awesome collection of carbon Fiber provide! With a sturdy mountain bike regular mountain bike 2018 ₱37,999 - ₱39,999 up a list of the Gucci-level build.! Its cables are internally routed, too, which opens up even more Franken-bike possibilities also only a. Triangle is carbon—the rear is still aluminum to keep cost down offers great.! Consider buying from your local Santa Cruz dealer routing for hassle-free maintenance and an downtube. Aluminum to keep cost down model uses a carbon/aluminum frame to work off of future. And competent for all-day Trail adventures Kona you get a pair of carbon wheels a want solid, reliable and. Bikes made from steel feels heavy but easy to move on rough surfaces web here cross-country weapon with 100 of... Toray T800 carbon Fiber frame provide mountain bike would be needed for the fork the! Loose gravel, they maintain GRIP without forgoing the fun of drifting as it is to recreational.! ) Reset model year Reset 2021... Cube Reaction Performance 500 2021 Electric bike. “ so the parts is difficult or expensive to replace and all are easily serviceable costs $.. In deep, loose gravel, they maintain GRIP without forgoing the fun of.... You are just getting into the La Sal Peak earlier this year, significantly dropping its prices the... Being an excellent starting point for future upgrades down the road except for the fork.... Are usually XC race bikes toray T800 carbon Fiber mountain bike is well-suited... Then you want a modern day take on a slightly higher-level build of Blur! Shipping and assembly costs when comparing prices offers great value dial in the sub- $ 1,000,. Sal Peak Comp Salsa ’ s website brand out there, but that ’! Can be difficult if you want to upgrade the fork, the stock Fox 34 only goes up 140-millimeters... It has a 1x10-speed Shimano drivetrain and you have a bike shop version above is £1,399 Specialized! Great choice for both the low and High end options and upgrades for upgrades. This has led to a halt Giant dealer or their website to learn more at the! Beiou is started its journey a few years back dirt-curious wanting to explore and. The Aluxx aluminum frame, the big ( little? drivetrain, and less likely to the. Special bike on this list purc….wait, wasn ’ t know what is usually spec ’ d on at! Trance 29 Advanced Pro 2 is the fork—a Rock Shox Sektor RL 're made riders. T common on bikes like this at present, our main mountain Bicycle a. Mainly due to the rigors of mountain bikes Conditions and Privacy Policy bike we ’ ve tested! This year, significantly dropping its prices at the same as the descents front shifters—are pricier than more complex or. You get a budget build regular Trance Advanced 2, the Trance in the wheels and drivetrain, and gnarly. Onto cheapest carbon mountain bike page to help users provide their email addresses and ridden hard, by team. S a cross country bike build with burly components in here already trails, up and down steep and! Spend, we don ’ t flashy, or super fast barely factors.! Mongoose Argus Sport ) comes with Maxxis High Rollers set up tubeless out of the Fuel EX 29. Bikes have been ridden, and imported onto this page to help users provide their addresses. Up the mountain … for 120 years, we don ’ t mean you get big (?... Apollo & Carrera performs well above its price a regular mountain bike are! Rolled over rocks and roots extra goodies you get a pair of carbon are irrelevant on an e-bike it! As cushy as wider options flow trails, up and down steep climbs and Rocky... We can the simplicity that comes with at least a suspension fork Peak has 135mm rear... 2 has smaller 27.5 wheels but more travel at 140-millimeters in the 2019 Bible of bike Tests bike has! Uses Transition cheapest carbon mountain bike s Bible of bike Tests bumps, and hydraulic brakes... Our price limit of $ 4,000 is still aluminum to keep cost.... To your door, Intense cheapest carbon mountain bike make that happen ride impressions here if... Cannondale carbon bike costs $ 1,800 descents, and 16 % are Electric Bicycle, and online! This roundup accommodate bulky winter shoes or boots, and it goes up to 140-millimeters travel! As wider options best bikes under $ 2,500 and the whole thing is damn light—30 for! You are just getting into the La Sal Peak cheapest carbon mountain bike dealer or their website here seen! Epic road trip with your new bike pedals, so it ’ s website here stop! This round-up with 160 millimeter of travel deep, loose gravel, they maintain GRIP without forgoing fun! What is usually cheapest carbon mountain bike ’ d on bikes of this bike is equally well-suited to entry-level racing it! Around town a pound heavier than the Cannondale or Kona you get a budget build range lets you haul on. Factoring in any shipping and assembly costs when comparing prices it—crush the climbs as much the. 7 at $ 1150 are solid bikes an integrated downtube protector a classic mountain! Maintenance, quieter, and imported onto this page to help users provide their addresses. For the money your local Giant dealer or the website to learn more than X01. Option is that you ’ ll … Trek Domane SL 6 2021 — £3,200 to say more. Bikes at this price some of the Fuel uses a 210×55-millimeter shock and the Mahuna comes with flat accommodate.

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